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To protect MPS network systems from potential fraud and Ransomware, passwords will be changing for all students later this spring. Students are encouraged to learn their new password now so they are ready for the password change. Students will not have the ability to set their own password. Passwords have been randomly generated by the Department of Technology.

Timeline for changes

  • Beginning March 26, all newly enrolled students will need to start using the new password.
  • Beginning April 23rd, all currently enrolled students at an Early Start School will need to start using the new password.  All other MPS schools will be done May 15, 2024.

Where to find the new password

The student's new password is located in Infinite Campus under a new "Password" tab. Staff should encourage students to log into Infinite Campus to see their new password under the “Password” tab. Teachers are also able to see the new password for their associated students. Students should not use this new password until the specified dates. Student passwords will be changed at least annually as part of this new process. MPS staff can request a student's password be changed at any time by contacting the Technology Support Center at 414-438-3400.

Finding Passwords in Student Portal

Students can find their own updated passwords in the Campus Student Portal.  Here is how:

Go to the MPS Homepage

1 - Hover over the Students tab.  

2 - Select Campus Student Portal in the Tools section.

Student Finding Passwords Screenshot MPS Menu

3 - Open the Menu, if not already opened (3 lines).
Look to the bottom of the list.

4 - Select More.

Finding Student Passwords Screenshot IC Menu

Once the More menu opens, look down the list for Password

5 - Click Password and take note of the new password that has been generated

Student Finding Passwords Screenshot Password Section

Password Safety

  • Protect your password as you would other sensitive personal information like your social security number
  • Never share your password with others
  • MPS Technology staff will never request your password
  • Do not reuse your MPS password for websites outside of school
  • MPS encourages good Digital Citizenship. Click here for information you can share with your students.
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