MPS Stop Grab and Go has been extended thru January 14, 2022. Meals will be available for pickup at select sites. See the full list.

MPS Stop Grab and Go has been extended thru January 14, 2022. Meals will be available for pickup at select sites. See the full list.

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Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

The Superintendent's Student Advisory Council (SSAC) provides opportunities for students to serve as the student voice for their respective schools.

The mission of the SSAC is: 

  • To engage diverse student voices and to provide input on district initiatives.
  • To build student aptitude as it relates to communication, leadership, advocacy and civic engagement.
  • To create a sustainable difference at the students’ respective schools and positively impacting the district.

Structure, Mission and Alignment:

The SSAC consists of students from each MPS high school. The council is led by elected officers; nominated and selected by the membership. Students of the SSAC are selected with the goal of achieving academic, socio-economic and cultural diversity among members. The alumni and student engagement associate will serve as the SSAC advisor.

The mission of the SSAC aligns with the district's Five Priorities for Success and features the following opportunities for students:

Priority 1: Increase Academic Achievement and Accountability

  • Research
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Developing and applying critical thinking skills
  • Formulating ideas/concepts into action
  • Leading their peers
  • Being visible within the community

Priority 2:  Improve District and School Culture

  • Diversity within the membership of SSAC
  • Working as a cohesive group toward improving schools and the cultures from within
  • Being a liaison between administration and student body
  • To function as an integral component of change

Priority 3: Develop our Staff

  • Work with MPS administrators, faculty and staff
  • To hear the student voice and interact accordingly
  • MPS teams with students on school and community projects

Priority 4: Strengthen Communication and Collaboration

  • Work together as a large diverse population
  • Speaking out/presenting
  • Implementing ideas
  • Discussion with internal administrations
  • Sharpen listening/reasoning skills
  • Advise MPS decision makers
  • Team-building skills


This plan is designed to clearly define the role of the SSAC, its mission and its goals. In addition, the 2021 – 2022 plan includes a syllabus to guide the council’s work. The agendas are created by the students with support from the Office of the Superintendent. Our mission is three-fold: 1) to serve as the student voice for the Superintendent and the district in alignment with the district’s Five Priorities for Success. 2) to serve as an instructional component - allowing students to learn civic responsibility, communication, advocacy and leadership. 3) to provide opportunities for students to engage with MPS leaders and staff on a professional level, allowing them to be ambassadors for their school and community with the guidance of caring adults.

The SSAC supports Dr. Posley in forming a connection to each high school in the district, allowing for bilateral communication. The SSAC offers Dr. Posley a diverse team of student voices that meet regularly each month. The SSAC assists the Office of the Superintendent by capturing the pulse of what is happening in MPS high schools across the district, while providing feedback for improving the high school experience for all students.

Under the leadership of Dr. Posley, the SSAC will be respected as a functioning and recognized advocacy group at their school.




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  How do I apply to be a member of the SSAC?

See the right side of this web page for a link to the application for the 2021- '22 school year.  Print and complete the form, then forward it to MPS Central Office at 5225 W Vliet Street, Room 131, Milwaukee, WI 53208, or scan it and email it to   Directions of how to send it are located on the last page of the application.  Note that all school principals have applications available.

  Is busing included to get to Central Office?

If you normally receive transportation to and from your school, you are eligible to receive transportation from your school to Central Office for the meetings,  and then to your home address after the meeting.

  What are the criteria to be a member of the SSAC?

Application Guidelines

  1. Excellent school attendance

  2. 2.5 GPA or better

  3. Willingness to collaborate with peers

  4. Skills demonstrated in problem-solving, creative thinking, initiative, flexibility and a desire to inspire positive change

  5. Skills exhibited in communication and presentation.

  6. Attend monthly meetings at MPS Central Office

  7. Ability to balance coursework with extra-curricular and community activities

  When and where are the meetings?

Students are scheduled to arrive at 4:30PM, and we will provide dinner while students mingle  until 5:00PM.  The business meeting is scheduled to begin at 5:00PM and adjourns at 6:30PM.  *Meetings are held at MPS District Office, 5225 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208

*Due to Covid restrictions at this time, we will be meeting virtual until the CDC allows us to meet face-to-face, safely.

  What exactly do we do at the meetings?

Meeting Agendas vary.  Agendas are created each month so students are able to tackle issues and concerns within the MPS community. SSAC student elected officers assist with setting the monthly agendas. 


Alumni Engagement Associate:
David Valdés

Phone: 414-475-8633

Customer Service

Phone: 414-475-8204

Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

SSAC Meetings

September - 30, 2021

via Zoom Call

October - 28, 2021
Via Zoom call

November - 18, 2021
Via Zoom call

January - 27, 2022
Central Office - Room 206/208

February - 24, 2022
Central Office - Room 206/208

March - 24, 2022
Central Office - Room 206/208

April - 21, 2022
Central Office - Room 206/208


Leadership Development:

  • December 1, 2021 - Meeting with Dr. Posley regarding "Communicaion Model" as proposed by SSAC Officers
  • December 8, 2021 - Meeting with SSAC Ofiicers on "Communication Model" moving forward

Interested in being a member?

Promo Video:

Join us by applying. Click here to access the application for 2021-2022

For a glimpse at the SSAC "Year in Review 2020-2021" Click here

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