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Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council

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The SSAC: Investing in our Future . . .

The Superintendent's Student Advisory Council (SSAC) represents a diverse team of student voices from each high school in the district. The purpose of this Council is for students to engage with the Superintendent in meaningful dialogue while sharing their views and perspectives. Members of the SSAC must be willing to serve as advocates for all students.

About the SSAC . . .

Students from grades 10-12 are eligible to be members and should be willing to serve on their school's leadership council. The students participating in the SSAC will play a critical role in the communication process between their school and the district. 


The purpose of the SSAC is to provide the Superintendent and senior staff members with feedback on ways that the District could improve students' overall experiences in our schools and to facilitate two-way communication between the Superintendent and the students. 

Members' Role . . . 

We define our role as members to include:

  • Communicate honestly, openly, and directly with the Superintendent and other administrators
  • Encourage student engagement throughout their school
  • Quality education for every student
  • Welcoming inclusive, non-threatening school culture
  • Work collaboratively to help create a student culture of mutual respect
  • Provide feedback for improving the high school experience for all students

Five Guiding Anchors of the SSAC:

  • Engaging in meaningful dialogue by sharing students’ views and perspectives with school leaders, administration, and the school board.
  • Creating an atmosphere where students are valued for honest and focused feedback.
  • Empowering our youth with the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to be successful leaders.
  • Providing students with a sense of trust and belonging by changing the culture of their respective schools.
  • Sharing ideas to promote equity among all high schools in the district.

Structure and Alignment:

The SSAC consists of students from each MPS high school. It is led by elected officers who are nominated and selected by the membership. Students of the SSAC are selected to achieve academic, socio-economic, and cultural diversity among members. The alumni and student engagement associate will serve as the SSAC advisor.

Superintendent's Luncheons:

Dr. Posley meets with students at their schools to have an informal conversation about how they can improve the culture and climate at their schools. The SSAC members host the event and select 10-12 of their peers to join them. This small group format allows Dr. Posley to learn more about the needs of each school. This process allows students to organize, manage, and demonstrate leadership skills. At these luncheons, Dr. Posley ensures that all schools are working with their Student Council representatives to give students a voice at their school. This then provides clear and direct communication from the student council to the SSAC, Dr. Posley, and the MPS School Board.

Honor Cords are presented to graduating members for their unwavering commitment to serving as Milwaukee Public Schools' ambassadors. We acknowledge these graduates as they represent student voices for their schools while acting as a bridge between their schools and the superintendent.



2022-2023 Restructuring of Communication Model and Implementation of the Student Voice Assembly (SVA)

In 2019, SSAC members from Audubon High School led a student cohort to restructure the communication process for Student Government across the district. Each subsequent year, the SSAC worked to develop further "a plan" to better the communication process between students and school leaders.  The rationale behind this project was to create a system that elevates student voice for all high schools.  Led by school leadership, each high school will have one main student government - Student Voice Assembly - whereby students will discuss their feedback and perspective on topics that impact their schools. Students work collectively and collaboratively on issues that affect students overall, such as mental health and equity. A small group of ambassadors from each SVA will serve on the SSAC and attend the SSAC monthly meetings, thereby providing each school a direct pathway to the Superintendent.

Guiding principles include:

  • Bilateral communication between schools and the district
  • Encourage affinity groups to participate
  • Create equity between all high schools

Frequently Asked Questions

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  How do I apply to be a member of the SSAC?

The right side of this web page has a link to the application for the 2024- '25 school year. Print and complete the form, then forward it to MPS Central Office at 5225 W Vliet Street, Room 131, Milwaukee, WI 53208, or scan it and email it to Directions for sending the application are located on the last page. Note that all school principals have applications available.

  Is busing included to get to Central Office?

If you normally receive transportation to and from your school, you are eligible to receive transportation from your school to Central Office for the meetings, and then to your home address after the meeting.

  What are the criteria to be a member of the SSAC?

Application Guidelines

  1. Willingness to collaborate with peers

  2. Skills demonstrated in problem-solving, creative thinking, initiative, flexibility and a desire to inspire positive change

  3. Skills exhibited in communication and presentation.

  4. Attend monthly meetings at MPS Central Office

  5. Ability to balance coursework with extra-curricular and community activities

  When and where are the meetings?

Students are scheduled to arrive between 4:00 PM and 4:30 PM. We will provide dinner while students mingle/network until 4:30 PM.  The business meeting is scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM and adjourns at 6:30 PM. 

*Meetings are held at MPS District Office, 5225 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208


  What exactly do we do at the meetings?

Meeting agendas vary.  Agendas are created each month so students are able to tackle issues and concerns within the MPS community. SSAC student elected officers assist with setting the monthly agendas. 


Student Engagement Associate:
David Valdés

Phone: 414-475-8633

Customer Service

Phone: 414-475-8285

Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

SSAC Meetings

September 26, 2024
Central Office - Room 206/208
Returning member "Huddle"

October 31, 2024
Central Office - Room 206/208
Add new members to the group

November 21, 2024
Central Office - Room 206/208

January 30, 2025
Central Office - Room 206/208

February 27, 2025
Central Office - Room 206/208

March 27, 2025
Central Office - Room 206/208

April 24, 2025
Central Office - Room 206/208

May 29, 2025
Central Office - Room 206/208

Officer Huddles: dates to be announced.  Officer Huddles are planning sessions for all officers of the SSAC.

*All meetings will be at Central Office each month. Transportation will be provided. 

Interested in being a member?


Promo Video:

Join us by applying. Click here to access the application for 2022-2023

For a glimpse at the SSAC "Review 2021-22"

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