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high school graduationLaunching point for college and career success

Milwaukee Public Schools is home to eight of the top high schools in the state!

MPS high schools provide the rigorous, college- and career-ready foundation that students need to succeed beyond graduation in the 21st century.

Curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, which set goals for what students learn at each grade level. Graduation requirements include credits in online learning, service-learning or community service. From academics and athletics to music, theater, debate and countless clubs and enrichment activities, MPS high schools offer a well-rounded education that motivates and mentors learners.

Our high schools offer Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and/or honors courses that give students an advantage in higher education. MPS Career and Technical Education programs are aligned to the existing labor market and expose students to areas of study such as advanced manufacturing, engineering, transportation/automotive, construction/architecture, health, business, information technology, marketing, media/graphics and urban agriculture.

Through peer mentoring, academic support and service/leadership opportunities, MPS graduates are prepared to be well-balanced young adults who may pursue college, a career or other training. We are proud to see our students go on to study, contribute, participate and work in our city.

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MPS High Schools

MPS High School Programs and Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 22 credits is required to graduate. Students must complete one of the following three options: online learning, community service experience or service l earning.

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