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attend today achieve tomorrow logoAttend today. Achieve tomorrow. Every day matters.

Imagine watching a movie where the screen goes blank every few minutes. You wouldn’t know the details, which would make it hard to understand the ending.

That’s what it is like for students who miss school. Every day a student is absent is a day that student does not learn. A few missed days add up quickly.

  • Half of the students who miss two-to-four days in September will go on to miss nearly the equivalent of a month of school by the end if the school year
  • One in 10 kindergarten and first students is absent 10 days or more. Poor attendance in those early grades decreases a child’s chance of reading proficiently in third grade
  • By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes the leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school

Milwaukee Public Schools is dedicated to changing those statistics with the Attend Today. Achieve Tomorrow citywide campaign. Working together, schools, students, families, and the community can reinforce the benefits of being in school, helping students to graduate on time and contribute to the community. That’s an ending everyone can understand.

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