MPS Stop Grab and Go has been extended thru January 14, 2022. Meals will be available for pickup at select sites. See the full list.

MPS Stop Grab and Go has been extended thru January 14, 2022. Meals will be available for pickup at select sites. See the full list.

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At its September 26, 2019 meeting, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors approved the Administration’s recommendation to modify the transportation offerings of eligible MPS High Schools students who reside over 7 miles from their current school of attendance, from yellow school buses to weekly Mcards for use on Milwaukee County Transit System.

This change went into effect beginning in August of 2020. Notifications were sent to impacted families.

If you were eligible for transportation services to your enrolled high school, you will now receive a MCTS bus pass paid for by the district.

Due to the high per pupil cost of providing yellow bus services to schools that enroll a smaller percentage of families; this transportation modification was created as an opportunity for cost savings. This was also a prerequisite for effective re-tiering of yellow bus transportation that was approved in the summer of 2020 as part of a larger transportation restructure alternative that maximized bus utilization efficiency and significantly reduces transportation expenditures.

Mcard distribution to schools will be facilitated the week prior to student attendance. Pupil Transportation Services will be available to assist with any questions your family may have. We can be reached at 414-475-8922.

MCTS also provides information on their website that detail the route paths and time for families using MCTS buses. The link to the MCTS Trip Planner is

yellow school bus

Student Transportation Services

COVID-19 Preparedness for Reopening of Schools


MPS prioritizes the health and safety of all students, staff, and families while using student transportation services offered by the district. As such we would like to provide some useful information as it pertains to COVID-19 and our incorporation of best practices to mitigate risks associated with the pandemic.


School Bus Preparation and Disinfecting


  • All buses and vehicles used to transport students will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and inspected prior to use with CDC, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and EPS recommended supplies
    • All commonly touched surfaces within the entry, passenger and driver’s areas of the bus or transport vehicle, including seat backs, handrails, and stability poles will be cleaned and disinfected between runs
    • A scheduled nightly deep cleaning/disinfecting that allows the disinfecting products to dry and fumes to dissipate.
  • An inventory will be present on each school bus consisting of:
    • Extra personal protective equipment (PPE); 
    • Government approved cleaning and disinfecting chemicals with instructions on their safe use; 
    • Other materials (eg cleaning towel/wipes) will be available.
  • Signs and messages will be posted in highly visible locations including:
    • Floor decals, colored tape, or laminated signs
    • Practices that assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19
    • Proper and required use of a cloth face covering and other protective measures necessary
    • Indicators specifying where students are not allowed to sit (seating barriers) to reinforce distancing
    • Appropriate behavior management – rider expectations and safety precautions
  • Ensure ventilation systems operate properly while students are on the bus and open windows to increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible.
  • Provide training to staff on proper safety and/or disinfection procedures for school buses, following CDC disinfection guidelines. The training will include:
    • Information about COVID-19, how it spreads, symptoms, risk of exposure; difference between allergies, regular sickness.
    • Proper methods for cleaning, disinfecting and material disposal.
    • How to properly fit, wear and dispose of the PPE they will be using (masks, gloves, clothing, etc.).
    • Safe product usage guidelines (chemical safety).
    • How to maintain proper physical distancing of riders.
    • Emergency pandemic response including COVID-19 positive identification, intervention and tracing.

Modifications to Transportation System


  • Reducing bus capacity according to public health guidelines, which are tentatively reduced to 50% capacity
  • Assigned seating for students on buses
  • Required mask wearing for driver and students. MPS will provide extra masks to support missing or lost student masks
  • New district school bell schedule encouraged staggered bus route times aligning with new 3 tier school start times, which allows the ability to add more bus routes and reduce overall student ridership significantly
  • Limiting students to one route to and from school to limit exposure risks and prohibit practices of being picked up and dropped off in different locations.
  • Amended loading/unloading procedures for buses to encourage safe social distancing of students which includes:
    • Specify loading/boarding buses from back to front and unload/departing buses from front to back
    • Enhanced administrative supervision of the loading of students at schools
    • Collaboration with bus companies to identify drop-off and pick-up areas to allow for social distancing
  • Created an action and communication protocol when a positive test is suspected or discovered on a bus
    • Contact tracing using Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) ridership log will be conducted to identify exposure potential
    • Stakeholder communication via phone, email, text will be immediately performed
    • Transportation alternatives will be in place for emergency isolation needs
    • Immediate removal of vehicle from service to allow for decontamination using CDC approved deep clean supplies

Rider Guidelines and Expectations


  • Students and drivers must always wear face coverings when on the school bus.
  • Students and drivers maintain physical distancing (except family members from same household).
  • Students and drivers should continue to practice good hygiene:
    • Washing hands often.
    • No touching face/others.
    • Sit in your assigned seat.
  • Students and drivers who feel sick must stay at home. Drivers will be given a wellness screening at terminal prior to loading buses to identify employees who may have been exposed or show symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • Families should maintain physical distancing at bus stops while waiting for the school bus: Always stand two arms lengths apart.

Transportation Changes

Please visit your child's school to make updates to your transportation arrangements. You can also make transportation changes electronically from home using MPS's Infinite Campus Parent Portal. You will need to create a user account. Your child's school will need to assist with creating a Parent Portal account.

Student getting off of school busThe Department of Business and Transportation Services provides safe, reliable, responsive and efficient transportation services, with students as our central focus. The department's buses travel more than 15 million miles annually. In fulfilling its mission, the department:

  1. Provides home-to-school and school-to-home transportation services for approximately 51,000 students every school day.
  2. Enables students to attend their school of choice, as well as participate in all school activities and programs.
  3. Offers a flexible transportation system that accommodates varied needs, all within published policies and guidelines.
  4. Directs more funding to classroom education by reducing transportation expenses.

The department is responsible for the provision of student transportation and the scheduling of all school, athletic and special-busing programs. It also administers Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) ridership programs.

All routing information originates from Infinite Campus, the Milwaukee Public Schools' (MPS) student-information system. Please contact your student's school if your family is moving, is changing child-care providers or if you would like to request a different bus stop. It is the school's responsibility to verify all requests.

The department is open from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m Monday through Friday during the regular school year. The phone number is 414-475-8922.

General Information


Eligibility for transportation services is governed by MPS Board of School Directors Administrative Policy 4.04. Eligibility is dependent upon the school a student attends and the student's home address. The following criteria are used to determine transportation eligibility:

  • A student in grades K-5 must reside one or more miles from their assigned school, outside of the school's designated attendance area and within the school’s transportation region.
  • Students in grades 6-12 must reside two or more miles from their assigned school, outside of the school's attendance area and within the school’s transportation region.

MPS charter schools set their own transportation rules. Please contact your student's charter school directly for details. Transportation region sizes differ based on the school type and programs within that school.

Walk Zones

Most schools designate “walk zones,” which typically fall within one or two miles from the school site, depending on grades offered by the school. Students living inside a school’s walk zone cannot receive transportation.


If you move outside of your elementary or middle school transportation region, your child may be provided transportation. If there is no existing bus stop, you must either provide transportation or change your child’s school. You will be asked to select a new school for your child for the following year or to sign a contract that says you will provide transportation.

Bus Stops

Students in grades K3–5 are expected to walk up to 1/4 mile to a safe corner stop. Students in grades 6-12 are expected to walk up to 1/2 mile to a safe corner stop.

Special Education/Access for Persons with Disabilities

Transportation for students with special education needs is provided based upon the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). All district schools serve children with special needs; however, not all services are available at all schools. Parents are advised to work closely with their child’s IEP team to determine which schools are best equipped to meet the needs of the child. Children with disabilities must follow the same rules for transportation as other children, unless the IEP identifies a specialized transportation need or modification. Parents of children with limited mobility should discuss the accessibility needs of the child with the principal/building administrator of the school they wish the child to attend. Children with special needs are also eligible for the Chapter 220 Voluntary Student Transfer Program and for Public School Open Enrollment program.

Homeless Students

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act defines the homeless as “individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.” This definition includes children and youth whose family has lost housing due to economic difficulties and is sharing the housing of others; who are living in motels, hotels, transitional or emergency shelters; or, whose nighttime residence is a place not normally used for housing. Unaccompanied youth and migratory children, who qualify as homeless because they are living in circumstances described above, have the same rights.

Homeless children have many rights and are eligible for many services under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. For example, homeless children and youth have the right to stay in the school they attended prior to becoming homeless (the school of origin); transportation from their temporary residence to the school may be provided; Call (414) 475-8911 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  How do I register my student to receive school bus service?

There is no need to register. If your child is eligible for transportation services and enrolled prior to the start of the school year, MPS will mail a postcard to your residence that provides your child's busing information. All transportation requests submitted after the school year begins will be handled by your child's school.

  How do I change my child's bus route or bus stop?

Individual schools facilitate all transportation requests. Schools will electronically request route adjustments for busing changes and notify you when the busing changes have been processed.

  What should I do if my child does not arrive at the assigned drop-off point at the expected time?

You should first call the bus company. You can also click the following link - Bus Company Phone Numbers - for a complete listing of bus companies that service MPS.

If you are unsure of the bus company or phone number, please call either your school or the transportation department at 414-475-8922.

  Can my child be suspended from riding a bus?

Transportation is a privilege. In cases of bus misconduct, school administrators or the department of transportation can temporarily or permanently suspend ridership privileges. Disciplinary actions are generally progressive in nature, but serious misconduct may result in immediate service suspension. When considering school bus suspensions, MPS follows due-process and just-cause procedures that give all parties an opportunity to be heard.

A bus suspension is not a suspension from school. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their child if school bus service has been suspended.

  Who do I contact if there are problems on the bus?

Bullying and any other behavior concerns should be addressed immediately with school administrators. School bus drivers are responsible for reporting bus misconduct, but do not have the authority to suspend students. Please discuss with your child the importance of reporting issues as soon as they arise. Schools work with bus companies and the department of transportation to address any identified bus-ridership issues.

  What can I do if my child is not eligible for busing?

MPS School Board of Directors Policy 4.04 dictates transportation eligibility. If you live outside of a school's transportation region and are unable to provide your own transportation, you may need to find another school assignment. You can click on Find a School for assistance.





Transportation Appeals

If your family is not eligible for transportation services based on current school board policy, there is an appeal process available.  If you feel you are experiencing a significant hardship that is impacting your ability to transport your child to school, or if you believe special accommodations should be made for your family above and beyond the school board's policy that governs the level of service provided, an appeal can be submitted to Pupil Transportation Services using the link below.

Please submit your appeal using the link provided:

Please complete the information requested in detail. Milwaukee Public Schools will review your appeal and respond as soon as possible. An appeals committee meets once a month, but it will increase the frequency of appeal reviews to weekly in the months of August and September to account for the increased volume and the start of the school year.

Contact Us

Phone: 414-475-8922
Fax: 414-475-8113

Business & Transportation Services  Senior Director:
David Solik-Fifarek
Office of School Administration

Transportation Supervisor-Ryan Elbert


Transportation Associates:


Southwest Region - Bruce Little


Northwest Region - Stephanie Strong


Central Region - Tracy Johnson


East Region/Behavior Management - Carla Knox


High Schools -Kicia Scott


NIC/Partnership Schools, Athletics, Behavior Management - Lakita Wells



Bus Contractors

The following bus companies service MPS. They may be contacted directly.

ALC ……………………………  833-961-1349

American United Van … 414-220-3287

Cornerstone ……………….414-540-8933

Durham School Bus …… 414-760-7480

First Student-West ……..414-649-2620

First Student -North…….414-353-1788

Hop Skip Drive ……………844-467-7547

Johnson School Bus…….262-251-4230

Lakeside -North ………….414-536-2040

Lamers Bus Lines ………. 414-282-3566

MC Transportation ……..414-877-6777

Milwaukee Transit……….414-344-6711

Specialized Care…………..414-383-7333

WI Central East…………… 414-481-1000

WI Central West ………… 414-279-9150

Field Trip Instructions & Links

Please follow the links below to get detailed instructions on how to request a field trip, to enter a field trip request application, or for MPS bid pricing for the current school year.

Private Schools - Electronic List Submissions

Private School Planning Assistant III:
Wendy Cantoral-Argueta

Please email with any questions or concerns.

For document submission, please attach an electronic copy of your documents to the email, be sure to include the name of your school, and indicate pertinent return contact information.

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