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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about enrollment information are below. 

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  What if my 8th grade child is currently enrolled at a school that continues to 9th grade?

Grade 8 students currently enrolled at a school that serves students in grades 9-12 (e.g., Golda Meir, Green Tree Preparatory, MacDowell Montessori, Milwaukee School of Languages, Obama SCTE, Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning) must complete an application and put their current school as their first choice if they want to continue at the school going into grade 9. Applicants already enrolled at these schools for grade 8 do not compete with other applicants for a spot in grade 9.

  How many high schools may I apply for?

You may choose up to five high schools. Enter your choices in order, with your first choice school being number 1. If you choose less than 5, click on “no school selected”. You can choose from any of the participating 9th grade schools on the application. Please note: Schools NOT on the application usually have a separate application process. Contact that school directly to be considered for 9th grade.

  I submitted my application, but I want to change my schools. How do I do that?

Call (414) 475-8159 with your application number (also called the confirmation number) so you can update your choices. Be sure to indicate your school choices in order, beginning with your first choice.

  I want to get on the waitlist for Reagan early. Can I apply during 7th grade for 2023-2024?

No.  The application period is only for current 8th graders.  We look at 7th grade report cards and data, but 7th graders cannot apply.

  How does my child get on the waitlist?  How will I know if they get into the school?

Students who are accepted will receive a letter in the mail. Students who do not make the cutoff but are within a specified range are automatically placed on the waitlist.

If you are waitlisted, your school assignment letter will state that you are on the waitlist. As the school year approaches, schools contact parents if a seat becomes available.

  If my child does poorly on the written essay, can they redo the essay?

Students are not allowed to do the essay activity a second time. The essay score is 17% of  a student’s overall composite score.

You may reapply for schools again in 9th grade (for a 10th grade seat the following school year). This is done by contacting the school you wish to reapply to.

  I want to apply for schools that are not listed in the application, like Carmen or Milwaukee School of Languages, but they are not listed. How can I apply to those schools?

Carmen is a non-instrumentality charter school and takes applications on its own. You can apply online at Milwaukee School of Languages only accepts students at 6th grade from MPS immersion schools. If you believe your child would be able to compete in a full language program, you can contact the school to be tested for bilingual reading and writing skills.

Other schools not listed on the online application need to be contacted directly for information about applying.

  How are students with special education evaluated for high schools?

Students who participate in the general curriculum are evaluated like any other student, with a review of standardized test scores, attendance, essay writing, and report card.  High schools are required to accept a percentage of students with IEPs.

Students who participate in an alternative curriculum are not evaluated for a cut score. The students who are in alternative curriculum are assigned a random number, and students are chosen by lottery for the number of available seats at that school.

All high schools do not provide all levels of services for students in alternative curriculum; therefore, some schools may not be able to accept all students. Please speak with your special education supervisor at your child’s school to get a better understanding of the programs at different high schools.

  I do not want to apply for any MPS schools.  My child will be attending a private school for high school. Do I need to apply?

While we encourage all families to apply, we do understand that MPS may not be your first option. However, if your 8th grade student is not assigned to a school, MPS will provide you with a default assignment at the school nearest to your home with available seats.

We highly recommend all families participate in the High School Enrollment process.  In the event your student is not accepted at the private school, you will have an enrollment of choice in MPS.  Once the private school makes a formal request of records, the default assignment school will drop the enrollment. If there is a chance that your child would not be accepted by the private school, you may wish to apply for a second-choice option with MPS.

  I am still confused about this process. Is there someone I can talk to?

Please feel free to email Michael Spidell, enrollment manager, at with any questions, concerns, or general statements. 

Due to the heavy volume of phone calls, calling is not recommended. 

  Is transportation provided for my child?

If you live beyond 7 miles from your school of choice, and you are within the schools eligibility region, transportation is provided through an unlimited use county bus pass.

Middle School Enrollment


Middle school enrollment applications for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will open in February 2025.  K-8 schools and middle schools will be available on the application.

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