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Success Center

Student with catThe Success Center supports students in grades 3–12 whose behavioral challenges create a significant barrier to their success, happiness, and well-being at school. Students receive Success Center supports for up to 12 weeks and participate in activities, interventions, and curriculum to enhance their social, emotional, and academic progress. After completing a customized program, students return to their schools to continue their education with the goal of graduating with their classmates.

Success Center students are forever part of our family! The Success Center team actively supports children during the transition back to their school of origin and beyond. Students are encouraged to stay connected to share progress and seek support as needed. A unique facet of the Success Center program is the empowerment of our participants to share the techniques and practices they learn with us to enhance their own classrooms and schools. In this way, students’ skills are reinforced and their own schools are strengthened.

Communication among the Success Center team, the student and family, and the student’s school of origin is a critical component of success. Our team works tirelessly to maintain regular contact and provide updates and progress reports so each student’s support team can observe academic and behavioral progress. Open communication also allows the team to quickly adapt to best meet a student’s evolving needs.

Student with catThe Success Center was established by Milwaukee Public Schools in partnership with the Marquette University Center for Peacemaking. Learn more about Milwaukee Public Schools' Success Center partners.

Our Mission: The Success Center supports social, emotional, mental, and physical health so each student can thrive, live an authentic life, and reach their full potential. Collaborative programs, in partnership with families and schools, equip each student’s support team to address challenges together. We believe strongly in restorative philosophy and strive to cultivate, maintain, and repair trusting relationships as a foundation for healthy growth.

Our Guiding Values: Our work is built upon four key values.

  • We value the knowledge and wisdom of families and communities.
  • We provide our students and schools with a high level of support.
  • We hold all participants, including ourselves, accountable for our relationships with one another.
  • We encourage perseverance through conflicts to achieve the social and emotional growth that is a natural outcome of any struggle.

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Students are recommended for the Success Center based on a referral from their school. If you believe your child would benefit from attending the Success Center, please speak to your child’s school psychologist or school social worker. You may also contact us at (414) 252-0210 or

Daily transportation is provided for all students who attend the Success Center.


The Success Center
3872 N. 8th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53206
Phone: (414) 252-0210

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