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Speech and Language Services

student working with teacherThe Speech and Language Disabilities Program serves approximately 6,000 students in public, private, and parochial schools within the corporate boundaries of the district. Spoken communication is the foundation for reading, writing, and all human interaction. Speech-language pathologists emphasize the delivery of collaborative, curriculum-aligned services to all students to help them develop competency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Speech-language pathologists work with students, staff, and families to

  • evaluate eligibility for special education;
  • provide direct therapy services for students with significant delays in one or more areas, including
    • receptive and/or expressive language skills,
    • articulation and/or phonology skills,
    • voice, and
    • fluency;
  • collaborate with staff members to support learning and communciation skills across all environments;
  • address the impact of language differences and second-language acquisition on student learning;
  • conduct hearing screenings for all K5 students and by request for all other ages; and
  • provide augmentative and alternative forms of communication for students with identified needs.

Each school within MPS has a speech-language pathologist as part of the staff. If you have specific concerns or would like to speak to a speech-language pathologist, please contact your child's school.


Program Support Teachers:

Christine Carey
Phone: 414-438-3459

Nicole Garza
Phone: 414-438-3507

Rebecca Halsey-Schmidt
Phone: 414-438-3492

Jenna Stoll
Phone: 414-438-3609

Wendy Weir
Phone: 414-438-3614

JoAnn C. Buhr, Ph.D.
Phone: 414-438-3436

Manager of School Psychology and Allied Health Services:
Jean Gatz
Phone: 414-438-3677

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