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Early Childhood

EC Friends on ClimberMilwaukee Public Schools offers a variety of early childhood special education programs for children three to six years of age who have been identified with a disability.

Early childhood special education programs

  • ensure implementation of the child’s individualized education program (IEP);
  • provide developmentally appropriate instruction that is tailored to meet each individual child’s needs;
  • collaborate with general education teachers to develop strategies, accommodations, and modifications for our students to gain access to the general curriculum;
  • coordinate related services with other team members such as speech pathologists, OTs/PTs, social workers, and psychologists as outlined in the IEP; and
  • provide opportunities for parents to partner in their child’s education.

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  Who is eligible for early childhood special education?

Children three to six years of age who are identified with a disability are eligible for early childhood special education. The children may demonstrate deficits in any of the following areas: early learning, speech and language, social/behavior, motor (fine or gross), or adaptive skills.

  Where are the early childhood special education services provided?

Professionals who work with three- to six-year-old children with special education needs provide an array of special education services at school, home, Head Start, childcare, and other community settings. Our goal is to provide services with typically developing peers to the maximum extent appropriate.

  When and how are these services provided?

Frequency and types of special education services are determined and outlined in your child’s IEP. Special education and related services may include consultation with staff, direct services to the child, itinerant services, training related to the disability, and other services that are identified by the IEP.

  If I have concerns about my child’s development, what can I do?

For concerns about students who do not currently attend an MPS school, please contact the Child Find office at 414-874-8493.

For concerns about students who currently attend an MPS school, please contact the regional coordinator of specialized services for your child’s school by calling 414-475-8008.


Program Support Teachers:

Janet Budney

Julie Jereska

Special Education Program Supervisor:

Kristi Campbell

Director of Special Education:

Amy Kowalski

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