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Visual Impairments

Girl working with vision deviceTeachers of the visually impaired (TVIs) and specialists in orientation and mobility (O&M) in Milwaukee may work with any student who meets the Wisconsin eligibility criteria for visual impairment, including those who have additional disabilities and those who are deaf-blind.

Instruction services provided by a TVI and/or an O&M specialist are delivered in different models, including but not limited to

  • itinerant services, which may be provided in multiple schools and/or multiple districts, and
  • resource rooms—physical spaces, separate from the general education classroom, dedicated to individualized instruction.

The role of the TVI and O&M specialist is to teach and support the expanded core curriculum for students with visual impairment and instruct students in the development of compensatory or functional skills, including communication modes, orientation and mobility, social interaction skills, independent living skills, recreation and leisure skills, career education, technology, sensory efficiency skills, and self-determination. TVIs will also support students who have visual impairment in the general and/or special education curriculum by

  • conducting functional vision evaluations;
  • consulting with regular education and special education teachers;
  • making recommendations regarding accessibility of the educational environment;
  • adapting and/or modifying instructional materials and visual presentations;
  • providing instruction and assessment materials in an accessible format;
  • providing educational supplies and equipment to accommodate for visual impairment;
  • sharing in the development and implementation of the individualized education program (IEP);
  • consulting with classroom teachers, other service providers, and parents regarding educational information;
  • providing instruction in spatial and positional concepts; and
  • providing the tools and instruction necessary to travel as safely and independently as possible in the school, community, and home environments.


Program Support Teacher:

Lauren Rosenbergh

Program Supervisor:

JoAnn C. Buhr, Ph.D.
Phone: 414-438-3436

Director of Special Education:

Amy Kowalski

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