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Hearing Impairments

Deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) services are provided to students with hearing impairments. Four Milwaukee Public Schools contain classrooms that provide intensive programming for DHH students. They are Milwaukee Sign Language School (K3–grade 8), Neeskara Elementary School (K3–grade 5)Golda Meir (grades 6–9), and Rufus King (grades 9–12). In addition, DHH itinerant services are provided at any MPS school.

DHH teachers work with students, staff, and families to

  • evaluate eligibility for special education,
  • provide special education services,
  • assist special education and regular education teachers in providing quality comprehensive programming for students with hearing impairments,
  • assist in making environmental adjustments in classrooms to make sound more accessible,
  • provide instruction in expanded core curricular areas, and
  • share resources and educational information with parents concerning students with a hearing impairment.


Program Support Teacher:

Monica Seehawer

Program Supervisor:

JoAnn C. Buhr, Ph.D.
Phone: 414-438-3436

Director of Special Education:

Amy Kowalski
Phone: 414-475-8856

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