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"Surely the end of all education is service to others." Cesar E. Chavez


art history student reading handmade book to childgirls reading art history textsReading a book to a child is service.

Studying art history is learning.

When high school art history students

  • write stories about their favorite artist,
  • instructor teaching book-bindingillustrate their stories in the style of that artist,
  • hand-bind their stories into books,
  • read their books to young art students, and
  • donate their books to the elementary school's art library,

that's service-learning.

Service-learning links classroom knowledge and skills with the care and concern students naturally have for their world. Students use what they are learning in class to address real-life community problems and needs.

Through investigation, planning, reflection, and youth-led action, students join with community partners to solve problems and make things better in their schools, their neighborhoods, and around the world.

In the process they master valuable 21st-century skills and global competencies.

Many MPS high schools offer courses that incorporate service-learning. Participating in a course that involves service-learning is one way high school students can meet the graduation requirement for online learning, service-learning, or community service.

MPS Service-Learning Experiences

  • AdvancedBand - Connecting the Generations through Music-Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Art Foundations - Safe Drinking Water Posters - Community High School
  • Art History - Hallway of Art History - Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Art Student Reading Handmade Book to Child
  • Art Studio Workshop - Illustrating Scientific Concepts - Milwaukee High School of the Arts & Marquette University
  • Art Studio Workshop - Serving at Empty Bowls - Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Arts Matter - Teaching Technology to Older Adults - MPS Summer School
  • Biology - Rain Barrel Presentation - Bay View High School
  • Citizenship - Creating Raised Bed Gardens - Bradley Tech High School
  • Citizenship - Strength in Unity Art Installation - MPS Summer School
  • Computer Apps in Art - Compost Crusader Truck Art - Bay View High School
  • Design - Decorating a Home for Birds - Milwaukee High School of the Arts Lancaster Elementary
  • Design - Hank Aaron Trail Sculpture - Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Design - Sidewalk Mandalas - Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Digital Electronics - Recycled Electronics - Bay View High School
  • EPIC Gardening in the Atrium - Community High School
  • Fiber Arts - Refugee Awareness - South Division High School
  • Fiber Arts - Sewing Weighted Lap Covers - MPS Summer School
  • Fiber Arts - Weighted Lap Covers - MPS Summer School
  • FourGirlsReadingArtHistoryTextatTable.jpg
  • Geometry  -Quilting Geometry - Bay View High School & Milwaukee Parkside School for the Arts
  • Health - Anti-bullying Posters  - Milwaukee Marshall
  • Health - Organ Donation Awareness - Hamilton High School
  • Instructorteachingbook-binding.jpg
  • Jazz Improv - Entertaining Veterans - Milwaukee High School of the Arts
  • Sculpture - Creating Benches for the Park - MPS Summer School
  • US History - Benches for Community Space - Bay View High School
  • World Geography - Anti - Human Trafficking Mural - Bradley Tech High School
  • Writing Lab & Home Repair - Little Free Library - Milwaukee School of Languages

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Bringing Learning to Life (video)

Discover how service-learning is helping students across America to perform better in school while improving their communities through service.

Design for Change USA

Learn how to use the design-thinking framework — Feel, Imagine, Do, Share — to engage your students in making a world of change.

National Youth Leadership Council 

Explore high-quality service-learning resources for educators and students.

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Service-Learning Proposal Form (for MPS high school teachers)

Service-Learning Documentation Form (for MPS high school teachers)


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