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Psychological Services

School psychologists help students at all grade levels to succeed academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally. They collaborate with school staff, parents, community agencies, and other professionals to help create healthy and supportive learning environments. School psychologists also help to strengthen the home/school/community connection for all students.

School psychologists work with students, staff, and families in the following ways:

  • Provide counseling, instruction, and mentoring to students struggling with behavioral, emotional, or social problems
  • Promote wellness by reinforcing social skills, problem solving, emotional management, self-regulation, and communication skills through classroom presentations, work with individuals and groups, or facilitating experiential learning opportunities (Ropes and Challenges)
  • Identify and address learning and behavioral issues that negatively impact school success
  • Evaluate eligibility for special education
  • Support the social, emotional, and behavioral health of students
  • Design and implement academic and behavior interventions
  • Design and implement progress monitoring for academic and behavior interventions
  • Support differentiated instruction
  • Promote positive, healthy, and safe classroom climates
  • Implement schoolwide prevention programs designed to promote positive school climates
  • Promote school policies and practices that increase school safety by reducing violence, bullying, and harassment

Each school within MPS has a school psychologist as part of the faculty. If you have specific concerns or would like to speak to a school psychologist about your child, please contact your child’s school.


Manager of School Psychology and Allied Health Services:

Jean Gatz
Phone: 414-438-3677


Myah Herro
Phone: 414-438-3410

Melannie Litscher, Ed.S. 
Phone: 414-438-3644

Christina Monfre
Phone: 414-438-3583

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