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Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program

Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program (PPYP) services are available to school-age parents (young fathers and mothers) to improve the educational, wellness, and social/emotional outcomes for school-age parents and their children. The goals of the program are to increase attendance and graduation rates, increase teen enrollment in higher education, increase parent knowledge of effective parenting practices, increase knowledge about and practices in healthy relationships, and enhance coordination of school and community services.

PPYP includes the following specific services:

  • Academic instructional supports for students to progress toward graduation, including home/hospital instruction for periods when the school-age parent is unable to attend school in the typical manner (maternity leave/high-risk pregnancy, etc.)
  • Intensive case management to provide or facilitate access to needed resources and services
  • Counseling/vocational/career planning/healthy relationships
  • Nursing services
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Instruction on prenatal and neonatal care, child development, infant and child care, nutrition, family planning, and adoption 
  • Home visits

All of the above targeted educational services are available for school-age parents enrolled throughout the district.

Access the PPYP Referral Form.


The Pregnant and Parenting Youth Program brochure — with information about support, services, and resources — is available in the following languages:






Program Manager:

Tashanda Edelen, MSN, APNP, FNP-BC
Phone: 414-438-3539


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