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M3 (M-cubed) College Connections Program

M3 College Connections OrientationThe M3 College Connections program is an innovative dual-enrollment program of Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), and the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM) that allows eligible students to complete their high school graduation requirements while earning college credits from both MATC and UWM at no expense to the student.  

The General Pathway  is a full senior-year program with the opportunity to earn up to twenty college credits in core subject areas that meet general education requirements for most associate and bachelor’s degrees. Students apply in February of their junior year to participate in the General Pathway their senior year.  


M3 Completion Ceremony

The Nursing Pathway  provides an opportunity for juniors to begin taking courses at MATC, working toward completion of coursework, and passing state exams in nursing. Students have the potential to earn their state certification as a nursing assistant (CNA) and possibly their license as a practical nurse (LPN). Students apply in February of their sophomore year to participate in the Nursing Pathway their junior year. 

The Education Pathway  begins in the spring semester of students' junior year. This pathway will allow MPS students to take courses in education at MATC and UWM that will introduce them to teacher education courses, including an internship in an MPS elementary school classroom. Students apply in October of their junior year to participate in Education Pathway in spring (second semester) of their junior year.


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