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Teachers in Montessori classrooms hold American Montessori Society (AMS) or Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certification. In MPS they must also be certified as teachers by the State of Wisconsin.


Montessori education is student-led and self-paced but guided, assessed, and enriched by knowledgeable and compassionate teachers. Rigorously trained teachers carefully observe children in the environment, identifying children’s interests and abilities and developing personalized learning plans tailored to each child’s needs. Teachers guide the learning, introducing new lessons and levels of difficulty as appropriate.


Teachers introduce materials to students sequentially to meet the developmental needs of the students. Inherent in the use of Montessori materials is the understanding of the power of discovering answers on one’s own. The teacher prepares the environment of the Montessori classroom with carefully selected, beautifully arranged materials. In a Montessori classroom, teachers use their knowledge of child development and academic outcomes to prepare an environment that is simultaneously stimulating and academically, physically, socially, and emotionally accessible.

Teachers offer the encouragement and tools needed to allow children’s natural curiosities to drive learning and provide choices that help them learn, grow, and succeed. Students are to become active learners. Teachers provide environments in which students have the freedom and the tools to pursue answers to their own questions. Internal satisfaction drives the child’s curiosity and interest and results in joyous learning that is sustainable over a lifetime. The teacher helps children understand how to care for materials and clean up after themselves to help keep the classroom orderly and attractive.


Teachers monitor progress against MPS and Wisconsin standardized tests and expectations. Teachers also gather data on academic preparedness, independence, and global citizenship.

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MPS is seeking qualified Montessori teachers at all levels. Help shape our children's futures! Learn more about teaching Montessori at MPS by viewing our teaching brochure in English and our teaching brochure in Spanish.

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Interested in Becoming a Montessori Teacher?

To learn more about sponsorships for Montessori teacher credentialing, view the sponsorship flyer in English and the sponsorship flyer in Spanish. Please check back for future teacher sponsorship opportunities.


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