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Montessori TeacherTeachers in Montessori classrooms hold American Montessori Society (AMS) or Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certification. In MPS they must also be certified as teachers by the State of Wisconsin.

Montessori teachers are taught to observe carefully and how to give just the right amount of help. They give new lessons when the children are ready for them. They encourage children to repeat and practice each step as often as necessary for the individual to truly understand the concept of the material. They watch to see that the child is working and learning.

Elementary teachers meet with each student to make sure the student is mastering the required MPS grade-level skills. The teacher helps the child learn responsibility but is aware that ultimately it is he or she, as the professional, who is responsible for the child's learning.

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Montessori Program Features

  • A prepared, orderly environment in which students have freedom to work on their own or in small groups
  • Self-correcting, sequenced learning materials that help the child to develop a strong foundation in reading and mathematics skills
  • Development of self-discipline and independence built around respect for each other and the school environment
  • Parent sessions on the Montessori philosophy and methods, with a strong emphasis on how parents can support the program
  • Belief that learning is a lifelong process; developing a love of learning is central to the Montessori Method of education
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