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Grades 7–9, 10–12

The Montessori secondary classroom provides a prepared learning environment for adolescents that integrates challenging student-centered academic studies with service projects, travel, and physical activity, preparing students to become contributing adult citizens who are self-confident and possess skills needed to thrive in society.

Adolescent curriculum promotes the acquisition of intellectual, practical, and leadership skills. Coursework enables students to manage time, exercise choice, organize themselves, and practice self-regulation within a group context.

During their adolescent years, students read with fluency, accuracy, and expression while connecting literary themes to personal experiences. They also evaluate materials from different sources for accuracy and value. Language arts lessons equip students with the ability to judge effective writing and presenting, create multimedia research projects, and exhibit strong writing skills.

As they approach graduation, adolescents explore all strands of mathematics while justifying their strategies and using appropriate mathematical terms as they prepare for higher level mathematics. Science instruction focuses on important scientific events throughout history. To fully grasp new concepts, students are encouraged to pose questions and predict results.

Students are introduced to a market economy and discuss various social issues. In addition, they compare the modern world to ancient and medieval civilizations.

Learning is not simply an understanding of facts and figures — it’s a dedication to understanding the whys.  The Montessori format allows us to go deeper with students, which in turn provides students with rigorous academic experiences.


Montessori Coordinator:
Abigail Rausch

Phone: 414-475-8571

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