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Grades 1–3, 4–6

Children in elementary classes continue their work with educational materials as they develop skills for abstract academic work.

These learners demonstrate reading across the curriculum, realizing that literacy is a vital element of every subject. Written and oral communication skills are strengthened, including vocabulary development and usage, correct capitalization, and accurate punctuation.

Students exhibit an understanding of math concepts and use scientific reasoning. In the area of mathematics, children develop problem-solving strategies, grasp the value of decimals and fractions, interpret data through graphing, learn algebraic relationships, and begin to understand estimation, statistics, and probability concepts. Science lessons focus on developing an appreciation of nature, understanding the life cycles of living things, and discussing technology’s impact on the world.

Students and begin to understand their role in society. Students study different cultural traditions as well as states and regions as they advance their knowledge of social studies.


Montessori Coordinator:
Abigail Rausch

Phone: 414-475-8571

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