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Milwaukee Public Schools Virtual Program


The MPS Virtual Program (MVP) is a Milwaukee Public Schools program that provides a more flexible schedule in an environment that families choose themselves.

Who is eligible?

Children in grades K5–12.

How is the program delivered?

The MPS Virtual Program is completely online and is delivered via Edgenuity virtual instruction.

  • This program is asynchronous for grades 6–12 (students work for a minimum 60 minutes a day per course on a schedule they choose.) Students can put in additional time on weekends.
  • Students in K5–5th grade receive 60 minutes per day of synchronous (active face-to-face) instruction with a teacher along with computer-based instruction and a workbook.
  • Students can participate in extracurricular activities at the MPS school previously attended. Students new to MPS can select a school to attend activities.
  • Students remain in the program until the end of a semester. If desired, they may transition to in-person learning at the end of a semester.
  • High school students can participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses while enrolled in the virtual program.
  • A family member is required to attend an orientation session to ensure understanding of the program.
  • An adult in the home is expected to serve as a learning coach to support and assist children in K5 through 5th grade. Learning coaches have access to progress reports and all program communications.
  • An introductory video is available for families to learn more.

Why choose the MPS Virtual Program?

MVP is a Milwaukee Public Schools program with the same accreditation and accountability required for in-person schools by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. MVP offers:

  • A challenging curriculum
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses at the high school level
  • Access to on-demand progress and grade reports
  • Multiple levels of support for students and families

MPS also offers the Milwaukee Virtual Education Program (MVEP). To compare programs, please visit the Milwaukee Virtual Education Program webpage.

Does the MPS Virtual Program follow a school calendar?

This program follows the MPS Early Start calendar. Classes begin August 15, 2022.

How Do I Enroll My Child?

Watch the program orientation video to help decide if the program is right for your child. At the end of the video, enter the child’s MPS ID number and birthdate (for current MPS students). For non-MPS students, call (414) 252-0241.

Keys to Success in Virtual Learning—Students

Students who adopt disciplined study habits increase their chances of success at online coursework.

  • Read all information, view all resources, and be responsible for understanding and following the information provided.
  • Take notes during instruction so you can show what you have learned.
  • Read and act upon teacher feedback within 24 hours.
  • Communicate regularly with online instructors.
  • Plan for and complete work equal to one hour per day, per course. Most students are enrolled in six courses for a full school day.
  • Stay on or ahead of pace with all coursework. Students can get ahead on weekends or nonschool days.
  • Receive help from an adult in the home who is comfortable with technology. Most communications take place through email or on the Edgenuity platform.
  • Work closely with MVP staff to select appropriate courses and communicate needs.

Keys to Success in Virtual Learning—Family/Learning Coach

A learning coach (parent or family member) in the home is required for MVP. The learning coach monitors progress and maintains communication with teachers and Edgenuity staff.

  • Expect to devote 45–60 minutes per week to ensure the student is successful.
  • Assist your student in setting a schedule to make steady progress in every course and meet learning goals.
  • Email MVP staff whenever a question or concern arises.
  • Refer to the MVP family center when support with the program is needed.
  • Notify MVP staff if contact information changes.
  • View informational videos aimed at supporting your student.


Milwaukee Public Schools Virtual Program
Will Luedtke, Assistant Principal In Charge
Phone: 414-252-0241

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