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March 2023 Selections

March is National Women's History Month!


A girl sitting in a traveling trunk wearing a jacket, bandanna tied around her neck, and a snorkling maskEvery-Day Dress-Up

by Selena Alko

The little girl in this book ditches her princess duds in favor of costumes inspired by great women in history. Our protagonist pays homage to the women who came before her and imagines herself in their shoes. Maybe someday she'll inspire little girls with her own gown of greatness.


Stacey smiling and standing at a microphone on stage at the local spelling beeStacey's Extraordinary Words

by Stacey Abrams, illustrations by Kitt Thomas

Stacey is a little girl who loves words more than anything. But when her teacher chooses her to compete in the local spelling bee, she isn't as excited as she thought she would be. What if she messes up? Stacey will learn that, win or lose, her words are powerful. And sometimes "perseverance" is the most important word of all.


Primary (Kindergarten–Grade 2)

Activist Clara Lemlich leading a strike of women workers in the garment industryBrave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers' Strike of 1909

by Michelle Markel, illustrations by Melissa Sweet

This is the true story of the young immigrant who led the largest strike of women workers in U.S. history. When Clara arrived in  America, she couldn't speak English. She didn't know that young women had to go to work, that they traded an education for long hours of labor, that she was expected to grow up fast. But that didn't stop Clara. She went to night school, spent hours studying English, and helped to support her family by sewing in a shirtwaist factory. Clara never quit, and she never accepted that girls should be treated poorly and paid little. Fed up with the mistreatment of her fellow laborers, Clara led the largest walkout of women workers the country had seen.


Author Beverly Cleary as a child holding two books while a boy and his dog race behind herJust Like Beverly: A Biography of Beverly Cleary

by Vicki Conrad, illustrations by David Hohn

As a young girl, Beverly Cleary struggled to learn to read and found most children's books dull and uninteresting. She often wondered whether there were any books about kids just like her. With hard work and the encouragement of her parents and a special teacher, she learned to read and at a young age discovered that she had a knack for writing.

Beverly Cleary's story comes to life as she grows to follow her dreams of writing the books she longed for as a child — becoming an award-winning writer and one of the most famous children's authors of all time.


Intermediate (Grades 3–5)

Sabrina and Daphne with Jack the Giant Killer above a rampaging giant wearing a bearskin as a capeThe Sisters Grimm: The Fairy Tale Detectives (Book 1)

by Michael Buckley, illustrations by Peter Ferguson

Orphaned sisters are sent to live with their newly discovered grandmother. The girls soon learn that they are descendants of the famous Brothers Grimm, whose book of fairy tales is actually a history book and whose characters are still alive.

When a terrorizing giant goes on a rampage through the town, it's up to the Sisters Grimm to stop him and to solve the mystery of who set the giant loose in the first place.


Wilma Mankiller being sworn in as Principal Chief of the Cherokee NationShe Persisted: Wilma Mankiller

by Traci Sorell, based on the bestselling picture book series by Chelsea Clinton and Alexandra Boiger, interior illustrations by Gillian Flint

The descendant of Cherokee ancestors who had been forced to walk the Trail of Tears, Wilma Mankiller experienced her own forced removal from the land she grew up on as a child. As she got older and learned more about the injustices that her people had faced, she dedicated her life to instilling pride in Native heritage and reclaiming Native rights. She went on to become the first woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

In this chapter book biography by award-winning author Traci Sorell, readers learn about the amazing life of Wilma Mankiller — and how she persisted.


Middle School (Grades 6–8)

A palentologist, astronaut, zoologist, chemist, nuclear physicist, and medical scientist surrounding the words “Women in Science”Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

by Rachel Ignotofsky

Women in Science  highlights the contributions of fifty notable women to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from the ancient world to the modern world. Full of striking, singular art, this fascinating collection also contains infographics about relevant topics such as lab equipment, rates of women currently working in STEM fields, and an illustrated scientific glossary.

Women in Science  celebrates the achievement of the intrepid women who have paved the way for the next generation of female engineers, biologists, mathematicians, doctors, astronauts, physicists, and more!


Diane Guerrero as an adult standing between the skyline of Boston and a church in ColombiaMy Family Divided: One Girl's Journey of Home, Loss, and Hope

by Diane Guerrero with Erica Moroz

Before landing a spot on the show Orange Is the New Black, before wowing audiences as Lina on Jane the Virgin, and before her incredible activism and work on immigration reform, Diane Guerrero was a young girl living in Boston. One day, while Guerrero was at school, her undocumented immigrant parents were taken from their home, detained, and deported. Guerrero's life, which had been full of the support of a loving family, was turned upside down.


High School (Grades 9–12)

The girl Moth, looking down sadlyMe (Moth)

by Amber McBride

Moth has lost her family in an accident. Though she lives with her aunt, she feels alone and uprooted.

Until she meets Sani, a boy who is also searching for his roots. If he knows more about where he comes from, maybe he'll be able to understand his ongoing depression. And if Moth can help him feel grounded, then perhaps she, too, will discover the history she carries in her bones.

Moth and Sani take a road trip that has them chasing ghosts and searching for ancestors. The way that each moves forward is surprising, powerful, and unforgettable. Here is an exquisite and uplifting novel about identity, first love, and the ways that our memories and our roots steer us through the universe.


The word "Brazen" surrounded by the faces of such daring women as Josephine Baker, Naziq al-Abid, and Nellie BlyBrazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World

by Pénélope Bagieu

Throughout history and across the globe, one characteristic connects the daring women of Brazen:  their indomitable spirit.

With her distinctive wit and dazzling drawings, celebrated graphic novelist Pénélope Bagieu profiles the lives of these feisty female role models — some world famous, some little known. From Nellie Bly to Mae Jemison or from Josephine Baker to Naziq al-Abid, the stories in this comic biography are sure to inspire the next generation of rebel ladies.


Books in Spanish

Goran hugs a beautiful tree, his favorite from the gardenEl último árbol (pre-K to grade 2)

de María Quintana Silva, ilustraciones de Silvia Álvarez

Una noche, los árboles del bosque decidieron que era hora de arrancar de raíz y marcharse. De camino a la escuela, Goran pronto se dio cuenta de lo que estaba pasando . . . Todos los árboles habían desaparecido dejando grandes agujeros allí donde solían estar. Desconcertado, Goran corrió a casa para ver si el árbol de su jardín también se había marchado. Amaba ese árbol. Cuando comprendió realmente las consecuencias de este desastre, se puso en marcha para contrarrestar el daño que ya se había hecho.


To access the books on our monthly MPS Reads book lists, visit your school library or local library, or go online to OverDrive* and log in with your MPS student ID number.

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To access the books on our monthly MPS Reads book lists, visit your school library or local library, or go online to OverDrive* and log in with your MPS student ID number.

*Some titles are not available through OverDrive.

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