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Learning Journeys Program

Learning Journeys are educational field trips for all MPS students. The goal of each Learning Journey is to put content-based instruction into practice that enables students to develop skills not only for academics but also for professional development. Each Learning Journey implements a curriculum and instruction (C&I) framework and an academic and career planning (ACP) framework to ensure that students develop college and career readiness skill sets. The C&I framework provides standards-aligned instructional materials for teachers at each grade level. The ACP framework emphasizes holistic learning objectives in career awareness (K3–grade 3), career exploration (grades 4–8), and career planning and preparation (grades 9–12). 

All transportation and admission fees are arranged and paid for on behalf of schools by MPS Central Services. All Milwaukee County and MPS COVID-19 protocols and mask mandates are to be followed for onsite programming as though students were in the classroom.  All schools and all students are expected to participate. 

Teachers — visit mConnect for teacher guides, access to Google Sites, and additional Learning Journeys resources.

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2022–23 Learning Journeys

K5 Oak Ridge Farm

Students will take virtual tours of Oak Ridge Farm to view real farm life and learn how the farm is important to them and the community. Students also will learn which goods and products come from the farm as well as how they are produced. This program will be offered virtually for the 2021–22 academic year.

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Grade 1 Snackin' on Plants

This Learning Journey may be taking place onsite in spring 2022 at Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens. All first-grade students will have a firsthand experience with plants of the Botanical Gardens, where they will explore the connections between everyday foods and plants!

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Grade 2 Survive Alive House

This Learning Journey will be offered as a virtual program in spring 2022. All second-grade MPS students will learn about social and personal responsibility through virtual activities and livestream with Survive Alive House Fire Education Center educators to learn about fire safety and prevention.

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Grade 3 Habitats

This Learning Journey will be offered as a virtual program for the 2021–22 academic year. All third-grade students will take a virtual expedition of local ecosystems and habitats as well as other North American natural environments. Students will also take a virtual stargazing tour of the current Wisconsin night sky, presented live by the Daniel M. Soref Dome Theater and Planetarium.

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Grade 4 Energy Around Us

This Learning Journey will be offered as a virtual program for the 2021–22 academic year. All MPS fourth-grade classrooms will take a virtual Learning Journey to Discovery World Science + Technology Center to immerse themselves in exhibits and experiments on energy and sound.

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Grade 5 BizTown

Students will engage with Junior Achievement's virtual BizTown, which offers students a collaborative space in the classroom to make decisions about important elements in life as an adult. This program will begin in spring 2022.

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Grade 8 Finance Park

This program will take place in fall 2021 as a virtual Learning Journey program. All eighth-grade classrooms will engage in a virtual Junior Achievement Finance Park curriculum and simulation. Students will have the opportunity to learn financial literacy in banking, budgeting, credit, taxes, and careers. Students are assigned a life scenario and then must manage their finances and construct a workable household budget.

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Learning Journeys Program

Planning Assistant:

Michelle Klos-Gonzalez 
Phone: 414-475-8394

Extended Learning Opportunities Associate III:

Anitra Stampley
Phone: 414-475-8614

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