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What Is Head Start?

Head Start is a free preschool program to help children develop early learning skills and prepare for kindergarten. Children who take part in early education are more prepared for school and are more successful.

The MPS Head Start program includes health, dental, mental health, and disabilities support. MPS Head Start fosters stable family relationships, enhances children’s physical and emotional development, and promotes school readiness.

MPS offers full-day K3 and K4 Head Start. Program dates and times follow the regular school calendar and schedule. Breakfast, lunch, and a snack are included.

English-only and English/Spanish bilingual options are available.
Transportation is available.

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  Who is eligible?

Families whose income meets federal agency guidelines and who are residents of the city of Milwaukee are eligible.

  Health requirements

All children are required to have a complete physical exam (which must include current blood testing for lead poisoning and anemia) and dental exam for Head Start.

The physical exam form and dental exam form can be faxed to the Head Start office at (414) 252-0349 or mailed to the Head Start office at 921 W. Meinecke Avenue, Room 10A, Milwaukee, WI 53206.

  When to apply

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Placement occurs after the Head Start enrollment specialist completes the application process. Applications can be completed only by a representative from the Head Start program.

Please call the Head Start office at (414) 252-0350 for more information about the enrollment process.

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How to Enroll

Make a registration appointment by calling (414) 252-0350.

Documents: The following documents are required to register for MPS Head Start. Please bring these forms with you to your appointment.

(1) Proof of income (12 months prior total household income)

Proof of income can include the following:

  • W-2 tax form or 1040 tax form
  • Foster care/kinship placement letter
  • Check stubs for the past 12 months
  • Supplemental Social Security (SSI)
  • W-2 Public Assistance (TANF)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) verification

(2) Certified copy of the child’s original birth certificate

(3) Proof of address (to prove residency in the city of Milwaukee)

(4) Immunization record

Health requirements – students enrolled in the Head Start program must meet certain health requirements within 90 days of the student’s start date.

(5) Copy of current physical exam with lead and hemoglobin test results

(6) Copy of dental exam

2023–24 Head Start School Sites

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  Northwest Region

Browning School – traditional start calendar
(414) 393-5200
5440 N. 64th Street

Bruce School – traditional start calendar
William George Bruce School
(414) 393-2100
6453 N. 89th Street

Carson Academy – traditional start calendar
Dr. Benjamin Carson Academy of Science
(414) 393-4800
4920 W. Capitol Drive

Congress School – early start calendar
(414) 616-5300
5225 W. Lincoln Creek Drive

Hawthorne School – early start calendar
Nathaniel Hawthorne School
(414) 247-7200
6945 N. 41st Street

Kilbourn School – traditional start calendar
Byron Kilbourn School
(414) 393-4500
5354 N. 68th Street

Kluge School – traditional start calendar
Richard Kluge School
(414) 578-5000
5760 N. 67th Street

Maple Tree School – traditional start calendar
(414) 578-5100
6644 N. 107th Street

Obama SCTE – early start calendar
Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education
(414) 393-4900
5075 N. Sherman Boulevard

Thurston Woods School – traditional start calendar
Thurston Woods Campus
(414) 393-2800
5966 N. 35th Street

  Southwest Region

ALBA – early start calendar
Academia de Lenguaje y Bellas Artes
(414) 902-7525
1712 S. 32nd Street

Allen-Field School – traditional start calendar
(414) 902-9200
730 W. Lapham Boulevard

Doerfler School – traditional start calendar
Anna F. Doerfler School
(414) 902-9500
3014 W. Scott Street

Forest Home Avenue School – traditional start calendar
(414) 902-6200
1516 W. Forest Home Avenue

Hayes Bilingual School – traditional start calendar
(414) 902-9600
971 W. Windlake Avenue

Kagel School – traditional start calendar
Albert E. Kagel School
(414) 902-7400
1210 W. Mineral Street

Lincoln Avenue School – traditional start calendar
(414) 902-9700
1817 W. Lincoln Avenue

Lowell School – traditional start calendar
Lowell International Elementary School
(414) 304-6600
4360 S. 20th Street

Longfellow School – traditional start calendar
H. W. Longfellow School
(414) 902-9800
1021 S. 21st Street

Manitoba School – traditional start calendar
(414) 902-8600
4040 W. Forest Home Avenue

Mitchell School – traditional start calendar
Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School
(414) 902-8100
1728 S. 23rd Street

Vieau – traditional start calendar
Escuela Vieau
(414) 902-6100
823 S. 4th Street

  East Region

Holmes – traditional start calendar
Oliver Wendell Holmes School
(414) 267-1300
2463 N. Buffum Street

King ES – traditional start calendar
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
(414) 267-1500
3275 N. 3rd Street

Riverwest Elementary – traditional start calendar
Riverwest Elementary School
(414) 267-4400
2765 N. Fratney Street

Siefert School – traditional start calendar
(414) 935-1500
1547 N. 14th Street

  Central Region

Auer Avenue School – traditional start calendar
(414) 875-4500
2319 W. Auer Avenue

Bethune Academy – traditional start calendar
Mary McLeod Bethune Academy
(414) 934-4600
1535 N. 35th Street

Franklin School – traditional start calendar
Benjamin Franklin School
(414) 875-4400
2308 W. Nash Street

Grant Gordon (formerly Lee) Learning Center – traditional start calendar
(414) 252-0350
921 W. Meinecke Avenue

Jackson School – traditional start calendar
Gwen T. Jackson Early Childhood and Elementary School
(414) 267-5500
2121 W. Hadley Street

LaFollette School – traditional start calendar
Robert M. LaFollette School
(414) 267-5200
3239 N. 9th Street

Marvin Pratt – early start calendar
Marvin E. Pratt Elementary School
(414) 247-7300
5131 N. Green Bay Avenue

Metcalfe School – contact the school for calendar
Ralph H. Metcalfe School
(414) 874-3600
3400 W. North Avenue

Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language – traditional start calendar
(414) 934-4340
2430 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Sherman School – traditional start calendar
William T. Sherman Multicultural Arts School
(414) 874-5800
5110 W. Locust Street

Westside Academy – traditional start calendar
(414) 934-5000
1945 N. 31st Street

MPS Head Start Student


Head Start Program Supervisor (Underfill):

Meredith Welch, MSW, APSW

Phone: 414-252-0377

Grant Gordon Early Learning Center
921 W. Meinecke Avenue, Room 12A
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Need Help?

Fill out our Online Interest Form.

A Head Start representative will contact you to make an appointment.

2024 Head Start Income Guidelines for Wisconsin*

Persons in Family or Household

Income Limit

















In families/households with more than eight persons, for each additional person, add:


*Subject to change annually 

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