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First Nations Studies

First Nations Studies ProgramFirst Nations Studies provides services at schools with concentrations of First Nations students. We also provide resources and training to schools across the district.

First Nations Studies receives multiple grants from the Office of Indian Education, including a Title VI formula grant, Native Youth and Community Partnership discretionary grant, and Assessing Choices in Education discretionary grant. Under these grants, students are eligible for classroom assistance where there is a large concentration of Native students, college access, language and culture, and talking circles.

See the overview of our First Nations Studies Program and Services offered.

To find out more about the First Nations Studies or request an ED 506 Form: Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form for Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant Program; contact us by emailing or by calling 414-902-7312.

Holistic Urban Education (HUE) Grant

First Nations Studies ProgramFirst Nations Studies is rolling out a new Holistic Urban Education (HUE) grant funded by the Office of Indian Education. The HUE grant design allows for all First Nations children and families to choose from three providers for high-quality, culturally appropriate, and research-based programs that will meet their satisfaction and educational needs.

The First Nations Studies HUE grant will offer talking circles, college access, and language and culture education. Click on a menu item below to learn more.

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  College Access Program

High school can be a challenging time . . . we are here to help! The First Nations Studies College Access Program can provide students and families with a variety of support services to transition through high school and beyond. If the student identifies as Native American, the services listed below can provide support in every phase of the high school experience.

The First Nations Studies College Access Program will use the one-of-a-kind “Expanding the Circle” curriculum designed to assist Native American high school students with the transition to college and beyond through the use of culturally relevant activities.

To learn more, see our College Access Program flyer, and please contact the First Nations Studies College Access Program staff.

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  After-School Tutoring

After-school tutoring services are now available to Native American youth in MPS grades 6–12. Students may receive weekly academic assistance from MPS teachers at Southeastern Oneida Tribal Services. Please see our After-School Tutoring flyer for more details.

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  Beading Classes

Join our beading classes on Tuesday evenings at the Ho-Chunk Nation office! The classes are open to Native American youth in MPS, age 11 and older, and their family members. Space is limited! Call First Nations Studies to pre-register: (414) 902-7312. See the beading classes flyer for more details.

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  Introduction to Sewing Native Shirts and Skirts

Native American students in MPS grades 6–12 are invited to join our traditional shirts and skirts sewing classes on Thursday evenings at Southeastern Oneida Tribal Services (SEOTS). For more information, read our Introduction to Sewing Native Shirts and Skirts and contact First Nations Studies staff.

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  Boys Drumming Circle

The boys drumming circle is open to Native American students in MPS who are age 10 and older. The group meets on Thursday evenings at Southeastern Oneida Tribal Services (SEOTS). Please see our Boys Drumming Circle for more details.

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  Reading Circle Book Club

First Nations Studies is excited to bring back our Reading Circle Book Club for Native students in grades 2-6 in MPS. Students will engage in fun reading activities to grow their literacy skills, play educational games, and take a field trip. To learn more, see our Reading Circle Book Club flyer.

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high school students outdoors on first nations studies field tripMilwaukee Public Schools’ Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that Milwaukee lies on traditional Menominee, Potawatomi, and Ho-Chunk homeland along the southwest shores of Lake Michigan, part of North America’s largest system of freshwater lakes. On this site, the Milwaukee, Menominee, and Kinnickinnic rivers meet, and the people of Wisconsin’s Menominee, Ojibwe, Ho-Chunk, Oneida, and Mohican sovereign nations remain present to this day.

What is a land acknowledgment?

A land acknowledgment serves the district in acknowledging Indigenous people and ancestors who once lived in harmony with land and water where we now live.  Indigenous people and ancestors had a historical and spiritual connection to this land and water, treating this land and water as family, and still do to this day.

Why do we acknowledge land?

This land acknowledgment is written for Milwaukee Public Schools and is meant to be used at appropriate public gatherings. It is meant to teach our children and staff about the historic significance of a people who once lived with and on the land we call Milwaukee. Therefore, we acknowledge our First Nations people of Wisconsin through this land acknowledgment and encourage our brothers and sisters to learn about our Tribal Nations of Wisconsin by studying the history of land taken and culture erasure. It is considered customary for Indigenous people to acknowledge the land.

Wisconsin Act 31first nations studies field trip

Wisconsin Act 31 refers to legislature in the State of Wisconsin that sets requirements for school districts, teacher training institutions, and teachers regarding education about and teaching of Native American histories, cultures, tribal sovereignty, treaty rights, and contemporary lives.

Our goal in MPS is to surpass the requirements of Act 31 by moving to infuse content about First Nations in all subject areas, at all grade levels, and at all times of the year through culturally responsive teaching practices. All students, no matter how they identify, benefit from this content and culturally relevant teaching.

For further information and resources to support Act 31, please contact Alyssa Mussa, Act 31 teacher.

First Nations Studies
Parent Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 28, 5:30–6:30 p.m.
Ho-Chunk Nation Office

3501 S. Howell Avenue
This meeting is a public hearing to discuss the 2023–24 Indian Education Act, Title VI-A proposal. Call 414-902-9665 with questions.

MPS Celebrates
Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

The Milwaukee Board of School Directors passed Resolution 2021R-015 on September 24, 2020, stating that MPS officially recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the second Monday of October (formerly Columbus Day).


971 W. Windlake Avenue
Room 122
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: 414-902-7312
Fax: 414-902-7317


Richanda E. Kaquatosh
Phone: 414-902-7313

Act 31 Teacher:
Alyssa Mussa
Phone: 414-902-9665

College Access Program Lead Teacher:
Jody Bauer
Phone: 414-902-7316

College Access Program School Social Worker:
Miy Latterman
Phone: 414-902-7318

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