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50th Biennial Music Festival Image50th Biennial Music Festival

The Biennial Music Festival has been part of the MPS music program since 1924. To honor the 100th year of the festival, we will feature drum lines, world drumming, bands, choirs, orchestras, and our modern band students as well as a celebratory trumpet fanfare. Students from all across the district will come together to rehearse in the early spring. They will be led by our own MPS music teachers in what is sure to be a wonderful performance. 

Wednesday, May 1, and Thursday, May 2, 2024
6:30 p.m.
UWM Panther Arena

This event is free and open to the public.

The Ambitious Instruction: Accelerating Learning plan brings the district back to the basics of quality learning and teaching. It unites all content areas around (1) formative practices, (2) explicit instruction, and (3) meaningful student engagement. Each grade level and content area will embrace specific instructional practices around these areas.

The following equity-oriented practices provide the framework for Ambitious Instruction: Accelerating Learning.

  • Using high-quality, standards-aligned, district-adopted instructional materials
  • Focusing on culturally and linguistically responsive teaching practices that promote learning
  • Leveraging technology to empower students to create, collaborate, communicate, and think critically

student playing violinMusic Vision

During their time in the Milwaukee Public Schools, students will develop both the desire and the ability to become cultural leaders in society.

Music Mission

The mission of the Milwaukee Public Schools music department is to provide a comprehensive music education accessible to all students. We strive to create a collaborative music community that is enriched by cultural, social, and intellectual diversity. We believe in building a climate where creativity flourishes through the language of music.

Music is an integral part of a complete education. 

Music education improves learning in other subjects. Quality music education

  • develops aesthetic awareness and sensitivity;
  • provides a source of enjoyment that enhances the quality of life from early experiences through adulthood;
  • provides a means for creativity and self-expression;
  • provides a sense of history and cultural heritage;
  • provides opportunity for visible success and achievement in the school and community;
  • develops life skills for work and personal success;
  • makes the school and community a more pleasant place to learn, work, and live;
  • increases the satisfaction derived from music throughout life; and
  • increases understanding of other cultures through music.


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Fine Arts in MPS


Fine Arts Manager:

Dr. Deborah Bowling
Phone: 414-267-1865


Music Curriculum Specialist:

Sharie Garcia
Phone: 414-267-1871

Music Teacher Leaders:

Ijoister Pyle-Harris
Phone: 414-267-1880

Aimee Hyland
Phone: 414-267-1884

Jared Ziegler
Phone: 414-267-1854

Instrument Specialists:

Sarah Zawadiwsky
Phone: 414-267-1898

Brett Hanisko
Phone: 414-267-1872


Theresa Harmon
Phone: 414-267-1877

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