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Extended Learning Opportunities

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  • Canoeing
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  • Gratosa Summer Academy Students Studying Ponds
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  • Locating Rocks with Grantosa Summer Academy at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
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  • Morgandale Students Working in Literacy Centers
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  • Ropes and Challenges at Clement ESY
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  • Students at Eighty-First Street School Identifying Rocks at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
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  • Urban Ecology Center Canoeing
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summer academyMPS offers a variety of extended learning opportunities that provide more time for academics and enrichment beyond the conventional school day (for example, extended day, out-of-school breaks, weekends, and summer). These programs offer learning and development experiences that enhance and complement the school curriculum. The Extended Learning Opportunities office provides engaging opportunities for students to collaborate with highly qualified teachers and/or community partners so that they can advance core skills, discover new interests, and make real-world connections outside a traditional classroom.  

The programs focus on

  • academics,
  • experiential,
  • hands-on learning,
  • social-emotional learning,
  • career development, and
  • health and wellness.



Extended Learning Opportunities

Phone: 414-475-8238
Fax: 414-475-8316
Office Email:

MPS Central Services, Room 150

Extended Learning Opportunities Manager: 

Natalie Anderson

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