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To ensure that high-quality, research-based instruction is provided for all early childhood students, parents need to be involved! You are necessary because you are your child's first teacher. So continue helping your child to build a lifelong love of learning by being the model for success!

The following links will assist you in supporting your child with health, language, and communication as they learn and grow.

  • Children's Wisconsin KidsHealth has health information and additional resources for parents.
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College and Milwaukee PBS have collaborated to create You Are Your Child's First Teacher to provide resources that promote early childhood development.
  • The Milwaukee Conservatory of Music offers Smart Start™, an innovative early childhood education program that teaches children ages 0–3 how  to learn through playful, familiar activities such as singing, listening, movement, stories, games, and music making with age-appropriate instruments.

Child Development Milestones (Videos)

The instruction group worked on promoting school readiness by providing developmental resources that help parents track child development from birth to age five. Videos in the following links from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) focus on common developmental milestones in the areas of language and communication. Additional developmental support can be found on each page.

Birth–3 months 9–12 months 18 months–2 years
3–6 months 12–15 months 2 years–3 years
6–9 months 15–18 months

4 years–5 years

Creative Curriculum® Games

The Creative Curriculum's LearningGames® series provides parents with proven, fun games to play with their young children from birth through 60 months of age. These games turn the basics of early childhood development into easy-to-use, flexible activities.

For children birth–12 months

Learning Games 1–10

Learning Games 11–20

Learning Games 21–30

Learning Games 31–34

For children 12 months–24 months

Learning Games 35–40

Learning Games 41–50

Learning Games 51–60

Learning Games 61–67

For children 24 months–36 months

Learning Games 68–70

Learning Games 71–80

Learning Games 81–90

Learning Games 91–100

For children 36 months–48 months

Learning Games 101–110

Learning Games 111–120

Learning Games 121–130

Learning Games 131–140

Learning Games 141–150

For children 48 months–60 months

Learning Games 151–160

Learning Games 161–170

Learning Games 171–180

Learning Games 181–190

Learning Games 191–200


MPS/MKE Early Childhood 1,825 Initiative

Instruction Group Facilitator:
Dr. Toni Dinkins
Office of School Administration

Phone: 414-475-8094

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