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Family Support and Transition

Parent involvement extends learning outside of preschool and school. To help your child perform better, families need support as children transition from early care centers to Milwaukee Public Schools (kindergarten). So check out the following resources that highlight additional services and supports.

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Transitioning to a New School Year by Beth Graue


Vroom: Everyone Has What It Takes


Vroom: Everyone Has What It Takes (Spanish)

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  What is the definition of family support?

"Family support" means helping families access a broad array of supports and services, including formal supports (such as paid respite care) and informal supports (such as parent-to-parent connections) and a community system of services that promote the well-being of families and their children with special needs.

  What does "transition" mean?

"Transition" means moving from one setting to another setting, such as moving from preschool to elementary school or moving from four-year-old kindergarten to five-year-old kindergarten. Nevertheless, school transition is a process. It should prepare children, families, schools, and communities to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and relationships to assist children and families in successfully moving from one setting to another.

  What is the vision of the Early Childhood Initiative family support and transition group?

The vision is simple! It is to empower families.

Families play a vital role in the education of their children. The MPS/MKE Early Childhood 1,825 Initiative strives to support families throughout the birth–age 5 time span of development of a child.

  What should community engagement look like in MPS schools?

What does this look like in schools?

All schools are working to meet the Six Standards of Family and Community Engagement:

  What does this group focus on?

The work of the family support and transition group will focus on the following:

Focus: Identify the needs of the community.

Focus: Build background knowledge on brain development and transition.

Focus: Align and provide resources for the community to support children and families.


The first eight years build a foundation for future learning, health, and life success.

Parents and caregivers need to provide quality experiences that enrich the brain!

If you need help, don't worry! Milwaukee PBS and Vroom have partnered to bring practical tools to help parents and caregivers connect with children.

Check out all the parenting tips, which include brain-building moments at Milwaukee PBS!


What makes children thrive?

The Brain Matters documentary explores the "miracle years" of child development!


Milwaukee PBS Kids in the Kitchen teaches cooking basics as well as valuable life lessons. Most importantly, you and your child can spend quality bonding time while creating a delicious snack!


Check out how to make Green Eggs and Ham!

Additional recipes can be found here!


A Parent's Guide to Community Resources in Milwaukee provides information about community resources.


Music is inspiring and great for learning and the brain!

Check out the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music's Stay at Home Music for Families, which includes a series of free  activities, tips, and resources intended to help you make music a part of your day! 


MPS/MKE Early Childhood 1,825 Initiative

Family Support and Transition
Group Facilitator:

Krissy Washington
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Phone: 414-475-8094

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