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MPS Contracted Schools and Programs

MPS Contracted Schools and Programs:

MPS works with a number of organizations to provide a variety of educational and programming opportunities for its students.  These opportunities include, but are not limited to, charter schools, partnership schools and other contracted educational programs. 

A charter school is a public school, that, in accordance with state statute, is exempt from most provisions of Wisconsin Statutes, Chapters 115-121, except as explicitly required by law or agreed to by the parties.  In return for more autonomy from state and local control, charter schools agree to be held to higher standards of accountability.  MPS has two types of charters schools:  Instrumentality Charter Schools, which are staffed by MPS employees and serve students in facilities that are owned or leased by MPS and Non-instrumentality Charter Schools which serve students in buildings that are owned or leased by the school operator and are staffed by non-MPS employees.

Partnership schools are operated by community-based agencies or organizations under contract with MPS that partner with MPS to provide educational options for parents of students at-risk of not completing high school (as defined by Wisconsin Statute 118.153) or provide other educational programming or services that meet the District's identified programming needs.  Eligibility for enrollment at partnership school is based on statutory definitions, individual program criteria, permission of parent/guardian and/or seat availability.

A list of our schools can be found below.  Please click on a school to learn more about the individual school or program.

Charter Schools

 I=Instrumentality Charter School; NIC=Non-instrumentality charter school

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  Academia de Lenguaje y Bellas Artes (ALBA)
   Alliance School of Milwaukee
  Carmen High School of Science and Technology, South
  Carmen High School of Science and Technology, Southeast
  Carmen Middle/High School of Science and Technology, Northwest
  Green Tree Preparatory Academy
  Highland Community School
  Hmong American Peace Academy (HAPA)
  Honey Creek Continuous Progress School
  Individualized Developmental Educational Approaches to Learning (IDEAL)
  La Causa Charter School

La Causa Charter School - Main Campus

La Causa Charter School - Lower Campus

  Milwaukee College Prep - 36th St. Campus
  Milwaukee College Prep - 38th St. Campus
  Milwaukee College Prep - Lloyd St. Campus
  Milwaukee College Prep - Lola-Rowe North Campus
  Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy (MESA)
  Next Door Charter School
  Whittier Elementary

Partnership Schools

P=Partnership School; AR=At Risk; BR=Behavioral Reassignment

Click the following link for the application for At Risk Schools:

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  Banner Preparatory School of Milwaukee
  Grandview High School
  Lad Lake Synergy
  MATC Emerging Scholars Program
  • Address: 700 W. State St., Milwaukee, WI 53233
  • Phone: 414-777-7837
  • Fax: 
  • Lead Contact: Della Bruno, Counselor (
  • Grades Served: 9-12
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
  • Website:
  • Type: P-AR
  • Start/End Dates: 8/20/24-05/23/25
  • MATC's Calendar
  Milwaukee Virtual Education Program
  NOVA High School
  Shalom High School
  Success Center


Phone: 414-475-8140

Fax:  414-475-8471


Bridget Schock, Director

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