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Information for Existing Schools

Useful Resources for Existing Schools

If you are currently operating a Charter School or Partnership School, you may find the following documents and information useful as you continue your partnership with MPS and the Department of Contracted School Services.  Please click the links below for further information.

Compliance Checklists

  • Instrumentality Charter School Compliance Record (PDF / Word)
  • Non-Instrumentality Charter School Compliance Record (PDF / Word)
  • Partnership School Compliance Record (PDF / Word)

Request for Funds Forms

  • Non-Instrumentality July 40% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)
  • Non-Instrumentality November 20% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)
  • Non-Instrumentality February 30% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)
  • Non-Instrumentality May 10% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)
  • Partnership 40% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)
  • Partnership 20% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)
  • Partnership 30% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)
  • Partnership 10% Request for Funds Form (PDF / Word)

Budget Preparation Materials

Additional Forms

NIC Summer School Documents

Renewal Application Process

Closing/Transition Protocol (coming soon)

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Relevant Statutes

Relevant MPS Guidelines, Policies and Procedures, and Documents





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