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Community Service

Twenty hours of community service is a Milwaukee Public Schools graduation requirement option.

Why community service?Packing boxes at Feeding America

Young people who use their talents and skills to better their communities can

  • learn new skills and increase self-confidence,
  • explore career options and build a resume,
  • support causes they care about,
  • meet new people and have fun!

What qualifies as community service?

To meet the MPS graduation requirement,

  • service hours must take place outside of academic class time,
  • service must be completed through a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or local government agency (for example, school district, library, police department),
  • service must be completed under the supervision of an adult at the organization,
  • service may not be part of a criminal justice sanction,
  • you cannot be paid for your service.

How do I fulfill the requirement?

The Student Guide to Community Service for Graduation contains a Student To-Do List along with all necessary permission and tracking forms. It also contains suggestions for finding a community service experience that's right for you. 

Every high school has at least one staff member who serves as a community service advisor to students. Community service advisors assist students throughout the process of completing the 20 hours of community service needed to fulfill this graduation requirement option.


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