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Information for Students

High School Internship Program

Student Requirements

The following criteria typically must be met for a student to participate in the High School Internship Program:

  • Complete a Work Readiness Session
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher
  • Be in the 10th grade or higher
  • Have good attendance
  • Maintain acceptable behavior, free from major discipline code infractions

*Exceptions to the above criteria may be allowed at the discretion of the coordinator.


Check out the internship opportunities listed on the MPS Youth Apprenticeship and Internship Job Board to get started!


Contact your school's career champion with questions.

Internship Application 

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Tamera Coleman
Internship Coordinator
Phone: 414-475-8438

Emily Brown
Planning Assistant – Internships
Phone: 414-475-8870

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