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An internship in Milwaukee Public Schools is a situation in which a high school student works for an employer for a specific period of time to learn about a particular industry or occupation. Activities undertaken by interns may include

  • special projects,
  • a sample of tasks from different jobs, or
  • tasks from one specific job.

Internships provide opportunities for students to obtain direct exposure to different careers in a structured, paid or unpaid work setting.

Through internships, students see a variety of applications of what they are learning. They discover more about their talents and skills. Although internships are intended to provide a structured work experience for students in a career field that is of interest to them, participation in an internship may help a student discover that he or she is really not interested in a particular type of work. Such experiences can be extremely valuable in formulating initial career choices. Although internships are usually short term, typically lasting for a few weeks to a few months, students benefit by developing an understanding of what is required to be a successful employee as they are introduced to the performance expectations of the "real world."

Are you an employer interested in building a pipeline of your future employees?

Internships help students

  • gain hands-on experience at a local business to build on skills learned in the classroom,
  • establish a clear connection between education and work,
  • develop an understanding of the workplace under the guidance of an adult mentor,
  • explore and research a variety of careers,
  • develop workplace responsibility and learn about workplace realities,
  • establish professional contacts for future employment and mentoring,
  • establish positive work habits and attitudes,
  • learn technical skills that will be invaluable for future jobs, and
  • understand what education opportunities are available that will lead to a career in their chosen career pathway.

Internship Process Overview

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Tamera Coleman
Internship Coordinator
Phone: 414-475-8438

Emily Brown
Planning Assistant – Internships
Phone: 414-475-8870

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