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Lau Compliance

Staff members at the Lau Compliance office enroll children who speak any home language other than English and screens students for ESL services.

To make an appointment, families should call the following numbers:

  • Spanish: 414-475-8525
  • All other languages: 414-475-8525

At the appointment, the Lau Compliance staff will assess the student's English to determine eligibility for ESL, services that include English as second language (ELS) and bilingual education service. Families will then choose the best school and program for their child. The centers provide the following:

  • Spanish-speaking staff for assistance
  • Hmong-speaking staff for assistance
  • Schools request guidance for students between the ages of 5 and 20
  • English proficiency assessment
  • Assistance in signing up for student lunch and student busing
  • Information on resources for a wide range of services


Phone: 414-475-8091
Fax: 414-475-8188

Manager of Bilingual Multicultural Education:

Lorena Gueny

Phone: 414-475-8525

Maria Rodriguez

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