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Dual Language Program

The Dual Language Program (one-way and two-way) in Milwaukee Public Schools prepares students to become literate in English and Spanish through the use of the Teaching for Biliteracy pedagogical framework (Beeman & Urow, 2013), which promotes and facilitates the development of two languages. This is accomplished through deliberate planning and instruction using three key components of Teaching for Biliteracy:


  • Building Oracy promotes the development of students’ speaking and listening skills in and across content areas, building vocabulary and background knowledge while providing an avenue through which students can process their learning.


  • The Bridge is the instructional moment when students are guided to engage actively in contrastive analysis by visually placing the two languages side by side “to transfer the academic content they have learned in one language to the other language” (Beeman & Urow, 2013, p. 151) and increase their metalinguistic awareness. This transfer is solidified through the Extension, the third component.


  • The Extension takes place in the partner language and provides students with meaningful, engaging, and novel ways to use the acquired academic vocabulary to deepen and extend their learning.

This framework promotes the development of language, literacy, and content in English and Spanish from kindergarten through grade 12, enabling students to achieve proficiency in both languages. 


To learn more, please refer to the videos below.


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