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District Multilingual Multicultural Advisory Committee

The Milwaukee Public Schools District Multilingual Multicultural Advisory Committee (DMMAC) is a group that works to advance multicultural and multilingual education in MPS under the framework of a resolution approved by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors in June 2014. The group includes educators, families, community members, and district leaders who share the goal of improving and expanding bilingual and dual-language programs across the district.

Bilingual Resolution Main Points: Increase, Expand, and Innovate


"MPS shall establish a target zone that promotes bilingualism by first establishing an English/Spanish and other languages bilingual and dual-language program in Milwaukee's near south side in Board District 6, and then within a reasonable number of years, at the city-wide level until MPS becomes a school district in which students will graduate academically well prepared in English, Spanish, and/or be conversant in another language,"


  • MPS shall establish a target zone that promotes bilingualism and dual-language programs starting with District 6;
  • work of the Bilingual Resolution will engage parents and community;
  • professional development, parent engagement, and marketing efforts will align to the Bilingual Resolution.


Bilingualism enhances academic achievement, closes the achievement gap, opens the doors for global opportunities, and enhances citizenship.

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