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MPS Athletics

The student-athletes in MPS are building friendships, learning new skills, and creating lifelong memories.  Sign up for a sport and join them!  See your school’s athletic director or call 414-475-8219 to get involved and make high school count!

2021 Sports Resources

Fall Registration

MPS Athletics has introduced a new online registration system for our athletic programs! All student-athletes must register through this online portal ( to participate in the fall high school sports season.

Fall Sports Registration FINAL Deadline Date is Wednesday, Sept. 8!

We are extending the deadline to register for Fall Sports.  This will be the final opportunity to join a Fall Sports team.  Final clearance will include academic eligibility from the most previous marking period. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the playing fields soon!

Please remember the parent or legal guardian listed in Infinite Campus for that student must be present at the in-person registration event to sign all MPS/WIAA waivers, permissions, and policies. The physical form and proof of insurance can be uploaded on site or at a later time but will be required BEFORE the student-athlete is allowed to participate in official practice/ competition. Final clearance will remain in “pending status” until academic eligibility is confirmed.

Families can visit to register for fall sports. If you have additional questions, please contact your school athletic director.

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  Summer Sports COVID-19 Safety Guide

Click here for the MPS Summer Sports COVID-19 Safety Guide.

The following Summer Sports COVID Safety Guide has been created in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), City of Milwaukee Health Department and the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). All criteria herein must be strictly followed for any MPS Athletics program that chooses to participate in athletics during Contact Days and Open Gym.

  MPS Return-to-Play Game Plan

Please review the MPS Return-to-Play Game Plan to find detailed information regarding spring 2021 sports.

  Sign up with MPS Athletics’ new online registration system

MPS Athletics is excited to introduce a new online registration system for our athletic families! This new paperless system will ease the burden on parents, guardians, students, schools, and staff during the registration period for high school sports.

Visit the new MPS Student-Athlete Eligibility Registration system here!

Read our Registration Guide here (Updated May 24, 2021).

We encourage families to register via the new online registration system as soon as possible. By doing so, MPS student-athletes will be ready to hit the ground running for the first day of practice. This new MPS Student-Athlete Eligibility Registration system is also a long-term solution that will allow parents and guardians to create one account per family that will carry over from season to season.

The MPS Student-Athlete Eligibility Registration system primarily serves the need for a paperless eligibility process to aid each athletic program in making sure all athletes are cleared for athletic participation before the first official day of sport practice. This system eliminates the need to keep track of required paper forms and waivers ensuring that athlete eligibility is valid and makes way for the student to join the team.

By creating a personal, password-protected account, students and parents/guardians will be able to complete and sign consent waivers, submit current physical form, concussion agreement, code of conduct, WIAA Rules form, school specific student handbook, transportation permissions, activity fee payment, and all other forms that will allow for athletic participation in MPS City Conference sports.

Once an account has been created, families will still be able to make changes in this electronic format. All activity packets, policies, and documents will be available for future reference.

Do not wait - sign up today!

Please contact your school’s athletic director with any questions.

  Competition Start Dates for Each Fall Sport

Football: Aug. 19

Cheerleading: Aug. 19

Girls Golf: Aug. 12

Girls Tennis: Aug. 14

Cross Country: Aug. 24

Girls Volleyball: Aug. 24

Girls Swim: Aug. 18

Boys Soccer: Aug. 24

  Resources & Game Schedules

Visit these links for additional resources:


MPS AthleticsPhilosophy of MPS Athletics

MPS Athletics promotes the philosophy that an athlete’s core responsibilities involve the pursuit of personal growth through academic work and team experiences.  We recognize that athletic programming is an extension of academic and practical instruction. Therefore, our primary commitment is educating our student-athletes.

Student-athletes learn a great deal from participating in interscholastic athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and how to win and lose gracefully are all integral parts of team goals. Athletic competition adds to school spirit and helps students, participants and community members take pride in their school.

Athletic Department Goals:

  • Promote academic excellence in classroom
  • Ensure safe and secure environment for practice and competitions
  • Provide opportunities for student-athletes to develop confidence, self-image, and leadership skills
  • Encourage coaches to be leaders, role models and persons of character
  • Promote value and importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship and fair play
  • Ensure all participants adhere to MPS and Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association rules and policies


Bobbie N. Kelsey

Commissioner of Athletics & Academics

Matt Goodwin

MPS Athletics Manager

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