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General Educational Development Program (GEDO #2)

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction authorizes Milwaukee Public Schools and other districts to operate school-based GED Option #2 (GEDO #2) programs.

Students receive instruction that prepares them for successful completion of standardized GED content exams to earn a regular high school diploma. Instruction is also provided in the area of employability skills and financial literacy in partnership with the MPS College and Career Centers. Content-area preparation is delivered through a blended model of online curriculum with differentiated support from licensed teachers based on results from approved GED practice tests.

Requirements for program completion are presented during an intake meeting that includes a review of a student’s transcript. Students who meet all requirements of the program are welcome to participate in graduation ceremonies. Milwaukee Public Schools partners with the Wisconsin Challenge Academy to provide opportunities for graduation for students who meet the requirements of the GEDO #2 program.


  • A ninth-grade reading level needs to be met for enrollment.
  • Students must be 17 years of age and behind in credits.
  • Students must complete the Student Responsibility Contract (participation is voluntary).

Request testing for the GEDO #2 program.

GEDO #2 Testing Practice and Information 

Sample Tests (All Four Subject Areas)

Test Scores Explanation

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