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Credit Recovery

  • The Edgenuity program uses an online curriculum that aligns to MPS expectations regarding curriculum and rigor.
  • The Edgenuity program provides individually paced lessons through which students can “test out” of units by demonstrating mastery.
  • Students can work on Edgenuity coursework outside school but are required to attend their classes for blended learning support.
  • Schools offer students the ability to take two courses at a time (up to one full credit) and allow for additional courses if time allows.
  • Students, parents, and teachers can monitor the student's progress toward completion using the resource tools available online.
  • When courses are completed, grades are updated to reflect student proficiency.
  • Most MPS high schools offer this program to assist students with on-time graduation.
  • Program times/offerings vary by site.
  • Please contact your home school for more information.
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