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Alternative Education Programs

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Competency-based Program

MPS provides a competency-based option for students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for GEDO #2. This approach is personalized, offering high school students an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency through a path that is specific to individual student needs.

Wisconsin Challenge Academy

The Wisconsin Challenge Academy is an opportunity for students ages 16 years 9 months to 18 years to attend a six-month residency at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Students accepted for the program work on soft skills and high school equivalency diploma test preparation.

Credit Recovery

The Edgenuity program uses an online curriculum that aligns to MPS expectations regarding curriculum and rigor.

General Educational Development Program (GEDO #2)

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction authorizes Milwaukee Public Schools and other districts to operate school-based GED Option #2 (GEDO #2) programs. Certain requirements need to be met for enrollment.


Extended Learning Opportunities Manager II:
Natalie Anderson

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MPS Central Services, Room 150

Program Specialist

William Luedtke

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