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School Calendars

Be in School Every Day!

Please make sure your student is at school on the first day and every day. If your child will not be in school on the first day of school, please tell the school now. Failure to notify the school that your child will not be present on the first day of school may result in your child losing his or her assignment in their school.

Districtwide Calendar 2024-2025

Milwaukee Public Schools will move from two school calendars to a single, districtwide calendar, beginning with the 2024-25 school year.

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  Student Days Off - 2024 -2025 Districtwide Calendar

Aug. 27, 2024:  Organization Day
Aug. 28–30, 2024: Professional Development Days
Sept. 2, 2024: Labor Day
Sept. 3, 2024: First Day of School – Students
Sept. 27, 2024: Professional Development Day
Oct. 18, 2024: Parent-Teacher Conference Day
Oct. 21, 2024: October Break
Nov. 5, 2024: Record (K8) / Professional Development Day (HS)
Nov. 27–29, 2024: Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 23–31, 2024: Winter Break
Jan. 1, 2025: Winter Break
Jan. 2, 2025: Classes resume
Jan. 20, 2025: MLK Jr. Day
Jan. 24, 2025: Record (HS) / Professional Development Day (K8)
Feb. 17, 2025: Mid-Semester Break
Feb. 18, 2025: Professional Development (HS) / Record Day (K8)
Mar. 21, 2025: Parent-Teacher Conference Day
Mar. 24–28, 2025: Spring Break
April 18, 2025: April Break
May 26, 2025: Memorial Day
June 6, 2025: Record Day
June 13, 2025: Last Day of School – Students
June 16, 2025: Professional Development Day

Note: ACT testing dates to be determined.


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  What are the first day and last day of school on the single calendar?  

The first day of student attendance will be Tuesday, September 3, 2024. The last day of student attendance will be Friday, June 13, 2025.  


  Will buildings be ready for the first day of school, along with completing ESSER projects? 

School buildings will be ready for the first day of school. ESSER projects are proceeding on pace and are expected to be completed on schedule.  

  When will the first semester end for high school students? 

The first semester will end on January 16, 2025. This is the last day of exams.

  Will bus pick-up and drop-off times be affected by moving to one calendar? 

Bus pick-up and drop-off times will not be affected by moving to one calendar. Under one calendar, the district will save money on bus transportation.

  Will MPS have transportation for summer programs, including IB? 

Special needs students in the Extended School Year program have door-to-door busing. High school students receive bus tickets for Summer Academy.

  Why couldn't all schools start before September 1? What state statute prevents this? 

State of Wisconsin Statute. sec. 118.045 mandates that all public schools begin the school year after September 1. School districts may request an exception to this mandate. Requests must be submitted annually, and the Department of Public Instruction may grant the request if it determines that extraordinary reasons exist.  

  What is the deadline for MPS to request a waiver from DPI? 

Requests must be submitted annually by January 1, before the school term begins.

  What options do parents have to force MPS to reconsider this decision? 

The Milwaukee Board of School Directors acted to move to one district-wide calendar on December 21, 2023. At this time, the Board reserves the right to reverse any action taken regarding the calendar for the 2024-2025 school year.

  How will high school athletes get to practices and games in August if the school year doesn’t start until September 3, 2024? 

Transportation can be arranged for students participating in athletic practice sessions during the summer. Students would receive a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) card from their coach if they are officially participating in MPS athletics. On days when a game takes place, yellow buses are provided from the school to the game site and back.

  Will staff have opportunities to work over the summer?  Staff will have opportunities to work at MPS Summer Academy and other programming. 

Staff will have opportunities to work at MPS Summer Academy and other programming.

Questions About: International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools

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  Does the single districtwide calendar apply to IB schools? 

Yes, it applies to all schools.

  Why can’t MPS just move the dates for the AP and IB exams to give students more time? 

The dates are set by the College Board and International Baccalaureate organizations to be the same for all students nationally and internationally.

  How will IB students be able to obtain the recommended credit hours for standard-level (SL) and higher-level (HL) courses? 

The single calendar provides the same number of instructional days and hours per class as the early start calendar, so meeting the recommended hours for any IB course will not be an issue.

  Will IB and AP students be adequately prepared for their exams? 

Yes, the district will continue to offer multiple options to help prepare students. They include teacher-led and district-led activities as well as activities students can do on their own. The district will support schools’ individual efforts such as an IB night or Saturday event.

  What is MPS doing to work with IB schools to save the IB program? Which IB experts in the district are included in these discussions?  

The IB program is not in any danger. It will continue. The IB experts in the district who are working to support students are the manager of advanced academics and members of the Office of Academics, IEP teams, and school administrators, including principals.

  Which IB students need to attend a summer session? 

High school students are encouraged to attend a summer session to better prepare for the annual IB exams. All students would benefit from summer sessions, but no student is required to attend them.

  What happens if an IB student doesn't attend a summer session? 

Students who do not attend a summer session will not be penalized, but they will miss out on learning that could help their grades and test scores.

  What are the Summer Academy dates?  

Session I is June 13 to July 2. Session II is June 24 to July 25.

  Will summer IB programming be in air-conditioned buildings? 

The locations are to be determined, but many of the high schools do not have air conditioning.

  To teach at Summer Academy, what should interested AP and IB teachers apply for?  

The Office of Human Resources will add postings for current AP/IB teachers. To increase access and opportunities for students, we will add a session during the specialty window of Summer Academy. The dates and sessions are listed below.

Specialty Course Programs (teachers with preapproved courses only):  

  • Staff planning on July 3; program running July 8 to July 26  
  • Staff planning on July 29; program running August 1 to August 21  
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