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Student Support Strategies

Creating an Educational Community

This work is aligned with the Five Priorities for Success and the MPS Strategic Plan with the vision of creating a positive school climate for all students. Schools utilize proactive strategies to support students and engage with alternatives to suspension when appropriate. Throughout the district, this data is utilized to strategize the best use of the resources at hand, servicing all schools with Tier 1 supports and focusing on those demonstrating a need for additional supports.

For the 2023-2024 school year, the Discipline Action Plan aligns coaching support, best practice, messaging, professional development, and student voice to best support students and school staff members based on need. Specifically, across the district we will have the following understanding:

  • Creating a positive school climate and reducing disciplinary actions starts day one with focused action steps at the beginning of the school year and consistently maintained throughout the year.
  • Alignment of work within the Attendance Improvement Plan to positively change school culture and climate for all students.
  • Professional development and coaching for school leaders, school teams, and individual staff members is required.
  • Monthly highlight of best practice within the Culture, Climate, and Alternatives to Suspension Toolkit with professional development and coaching.
  • Alignment and collaboration of district climate resources and messaging to support the most vulnerable schools, based on regular data review.
  • Monthly data mining to continually identify schools and students of focus to ensure supports are aligned and focused on need.


Universal Supports for an Educational Community & Climate (update with a link from Titan)

  • Build meaningful relationships and community
  • Co-create expectations, procedures, and agreements
  • Collectively teach and practice expectations, procedures and agreements
  • Develop systems for holding self and others accountable
  • Acknowledge all students and recognize their worth

The following four pathways will ensure district culture, climate and discipline are prioritized throughout the district.



PBIS Tiered Support

  • PBIS webpage
  • Improve classroom and school climate through 'universal supports' and best practices
  • Build meaningful relationships and community
  • Co-create expectations, procedures, and agreements
  • Collectively teach and practice expectations, procedures, and agreements
  • Develop systems for holding self and others accountable
  • Acknowledge all students and recognize their worth
  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • Social Academic Instructional Groups


Mental Wellness


Restorative Practices

  • Utilizing restorative discipline
  • District and school level book cohorts
  • Restorative questions and conversations
  • Repairing Harm circles
  • Restorative Practices webpage


District Educational Community Team

To support schools across the district building a positive climate and culture, a District Educational Community Team has been created to align staff members on a variety of district teams. The following teams are supporting culture, climate and discipline:


Climate Equity Liaison

All schools identify a Climate Equity Liaison who supports the school and individual staff members in addressing disproportionality and creating an educational community.



  • Receive regular updates on best practice regarding antiracism, bias, and equitable school climate and share with all school staff members.
  • Support school-level professional development on a variety of topics.
  • Attending district-supported networking and professional development with Courageous Conversations about Race, Beyond Diversity, and other opportunities involving equity.
  • Regularly review and share school and district disproportionality data.
  • Coach school staff members on interrupting bias and holding Courageous Conversations about Race across the school community.
  • Support Student Discipline Committees at traditional middle and high schools.
Upcoming Dates
  • Fall Student Leadership Summit --> Thursday October 12, 2023
  • Community Conversation --> TBD
  • Community Conversation --> Wednesday December 6, 2023
  • Community Conversation --> Wednesday February 7, 2024
  • Community Conversation --> Wednesday April 3, 2024
  • Spring Student Leadership Summit --> Thursday April 25, 2024
Student Voice 

All traditional middle and high schools have a Student Discipline Committee that meets twice per month to discuss student recommendations regarding school climate and culture. Annually there are also two Student Leadership Summits in which these discussions are highlighted across the district. 

Major themes of these conversations included:

  • School spirit and extra-curricular activities
  • Continued community building
  • Academic engagement
  • Access to mental health supports
  • Student leadership opportunities


Courageous Conversations about Race

In our vision of addressing discipline disproportionality, Milwaukee Public Schools is partnering with Coureageous Conversations about Race to build racial equity throughout the district. Courageous Conversation is utilzing the Four Agreements, Six Conditions and Compass in order to engage, sustain, and deepen intra-racial and inter-racial dialogue about race, and is an essential foundation for examining and addressing institutionalized culture and structures that promote racial disparities.

Through this collaboration, all MPS staff members are attending their one-day seminar Courageous Conversations about Race Exploration in which participants learn about the tools within the framework including the Four Agreements, Six Conditions and Compass. Participants engage in whole group and small group discussions on a variety of topics utilizing these tools.  A district team has partnered with mentors at Courageous Conversations about Race and have become certified practitioners and facilitators, licensed to conduct these seminars within the district. Additionally the district has created a District Equity Leadership Team with membership from a variety of district departments meeting monthly to continue to build racial equity and embed these tools and conversations throughout the district. 


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