MPS Stop Grab and Go has been extended thru January 14, 2022. Meals will be available for pickup at select sites. See the full list.

MPS Stop Grab and Go has been extended thru January 14, 2022. Meals will be available for pickup at select sites. See the full list.

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Meal Program Updates

The Department of Nutrition Services is committed to providing healthy meals at no charge to school-aged children. Below is a summary of upcoming changes that affect MPS meal service.

2021-2022 School Year Meal Distribution Update


Virtual School Meal Update January 4th - January 14th, 2022:  MPS will offer free packaged breakfast and lunch to be eaten at home (one breakfast and one lunch per child, per day). Meals are free to all school-aged children. A student and/or family member can pick up meals at the following locations, between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.


1712 S. 32nd St.

Eighty-First Street

 2964 N. 81st St.

Marshall HS 

4141 N. 64th St.


 1547 N. 14th St.

Audubon MS/HS 

3300 S. 39th St.


 5100 N. 91st St.


 3400 W. North Ave.

South Division HS

 1515 W. Lapham Blvd.

Barbee Montessori

4456 N. Teutonia Ave.

Fifty-Third Street 

3618 N. 53rd St.

Milw. HS of the Arts

 2300 W. Highland Ave.


 3815 W. Kilbourn Ave.

Bay View HS

 2751 S. Lenox St.


 3255 N. Fratney St.

Milw. Spanish Immer. Upper

2765 S. 55th St.


 7878 N. 60th St.

Bethune Academy

 1535 N. 35th St.


 1250 E. Burleigh St.

Morse MS

 6700 N. 80th St.

Thurston Woods 

5966 N. 35th St.


 5440 N. 64th St.


 4850 N. 82nd St.

Ninety-Fifth Street

 3707 N 94th St.

Townsend Street

 3360 N. Sherman Blvd.


 6453 N 89th St.

Hamilton HS

 6215 W. Warnimont Ave.

North Division HS 

1011 W. Center St.


 823 S. 4th St.

Carson Academy 

4920 W. Capitol Dr.

Hayes Bilingual

 971 W. Windlake Ave.

Obama SCTE 

5075 N. Sherman Blvd.

Vincent HS

 7501 N. Granville Rd.

Cass Street 

1647 N. Cass St.


 2463 N. Buffum St.


 5131 N. Green Bay Ave.

Washington HS

 2525 N. Sherman Blvd.

Clarke Street

 2816 W. Clarke St.

Hopkins Lloyd 

1503 W. Hopkins St.

Pulaski HS

 2500 W. Oklahoma Ave.

Wis. Con. Lifelong Learning 

1017 N. 12th St.

Clement Avenue

 3666 S. Clement Ave.

Lincoln Avenue

1817 W. Lincoln Ave.

Reagan HS

 4965 S. 20th St.


1016 W. Oklahoma Ave.


 3014 W. Scott St.

MacDowell Montessori 

6415 W. Mount Vernon Ave.

Riley Montessori

 2424 S. 4th St.


Douglas MS 

3620 N. 18th St.

Maple Tree

 6644 N. 107th St.

Rogers Street Acad.

 2430 W. Rogers St.





For questions regarding meal program changes, please call (414) 475-8370 or email

Nutrition Feedback

We want to hear from you! Share your feedback throughout the year:

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