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School Community Partnership for Mental Health

The SCPMH Model

The SCPMH model is based on data and research about best practices for collaboration between school and community mental health providers. Service delivery focuses on students with beginning and/or unmet mental health concerns that extend beyond what can be addressed by school support staff. This model seeks to increase access to early intervention in the school. Early intervention for mental health concerns can improve outcomes for students.

The activities of the SCPMH model are designed to

  • deliver community-based mental health services to students in need;
  • provide therapeutic services in the school, in the home, or at the agency as appropriate;
  • improve communication between the school staff and community mental health providers;
  • provide school staff, families, and students with better/faster access to resources;
  • provide mental health awareness training to school staff, families, and students;
  • reduce the stigma of mental health services for youth.

SCPMH Frequently Asked Questions

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  Which schools are a part of SCPMH?

The following schools are a part of SCPMH for the 2020–21 school year:


Auer Avenue

Benjamin Franklin



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Forest Home

Hopkins Lloyd

James Madison Academic Campus



Lincoln Avenue

MCP - Lloyd

Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Milwaukee School of Languages

Next Door - 29th Street

Next Door- Capitol

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Riverwest (formerly Pierce)

Shalom High School



Westside Academy



Are you interested in your school becoming a part of SCPMH? Email Charlie Bauernfeind to learn more.

  Who are the community partners involved in SCPMH?

The following agencies provide services in schools as a part of SCPMH:

Aurora Family Service

Children's Wisconsin 

Sebastian Family Psychology Practice, LLC

Sixteenth Street Community Health Center


The following organizations support the work of SCPMH:

MPS Foundation: Collects and maintains donations to support the work of SCPMH

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee: Partners in providing care in after-school spaces

Medical College of Wisconsin: Provides ongoing professional development to SCPMH clinicians and conducts program evaluation

Rogers InHealth: Provides technical support and assistance to the project and partners

  What are the financial costs associated with SCPMH?

Cost to families

Services are not based on the ability to bill insurance or the ability to pay; however, providers will bill insurance or Medicaid. Co-pays are collected as appropriate, though agencies will work with families if these costs are prohibitive.

Cost to agencies

To the extent possible, providers bill for insurance reimbursement. Agencies are responsible for non-billable costs associated with the multi-tiered model including but not limited to parent presentations, staff training, participation in school functions/events, and staff consultation. When available and allowable, grant funds can assist agencies with covering these costs.

Cost to schools

There are no direct costs to schools; however, schools cover in-kind costs associated with the project, including a private space for providers' service delivery, phone and Internet access, and staff/administrator time for meetings and professional development.

  How can I support SCPMH?
  • Make a donation to SCPMH by visiting the MPS Foundation donation site and selecting School Community Partnership for Mental Health from the dropdown menu. Donations support the provision of non-billable services, including parent workshops, staff training, therapist participation in open house and school conferences, and consultation with school staff.
  • Visit the Coalition for Expanding School-Based Mental Health in Wisconsin website to learn more about statewide efforts to increase access to school-based mental health services. Join their mailing list to stay up to date on the latest news.
  • Check out the Partners of Change website to learn how you can get involved with state-level advocacy and policy change.

For Immediate Help

Call 911

Call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Text 741741
Crisis Text Line


School Coordinator, SCPMH:

Charlie Bauernfeind
Phone: 414-934-5080

Supervisor, Social and Emotional Learning:

Kimberly Merath
Phone: 414-438-3593

Manager, School Social Work and Community Services:

Nicole Cain
Phone: 414-438-3416

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