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RENEW Map on History

RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural Supports, Education, and Work) is a structured school-to-career transition planning and individualized wraparound process for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. Developed in 1996 by staff at the Institute on Disability (IOD), RENEW is being provided to youth by schools, community mental health centers, community-based providers, and IOD staff members. The model focuses on supporting youth to design and pursue a plan for the transition from school to adult life. RENEW has substantially increased the high school completion, employment, and postsecondary education participation rates among our most vulnerable youth.

RENEW Map GoalsThe mission of the Tier 2/3 interventions team is to plan out goals for the team, develop the systems and supports, evaluate the fidelity of the supports on an ongoing basis, and communicate the progress of the team and the supports to all staff members.

Phases of RENEW

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  General Resources
  Phase 1: Engagement and Team Preparation
  Phase 2: Initial Team Development
  Phase 3: Implementation
  Phase 4: Preparation for Exit from RENEW


Youth/Action Group Plan  (example)

MPS Examples

A new action plan is created at each meeting. A separate "goals and next steps" is created for each student's goal, and the same sheet is used until the goal is reached.


Youth Feedback Form

Additional Resources

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  Progress Monitoring

Just like any other intervention you implement, RENEW must be progress monitored to see whether it is effective. Here are some suggestions as to how this progress monitoring could look in your school. Feel free to adjust to fit the needs of your student within your school. Progress monitoring should occur weekly or biweekly, and it needs to capture more than just a student’s ODR and suspension data.

RENEW Weekly Rubric

RENEW Multi-Rater Example

RENEW Home School Community Progress Tool

Home School Community Tool Example

Tier 3 DPR Secondary

Infinite Campus Help Guide

Student Self-Monitoring

  Crisis Plans

Implementing behavior interventions at Tiers 2 and 3 sometimes requires staff to ensure that there is a plan in place for addressing crisis behaviors with students while ensuring safety and dignity for all. Administrators, the building intervention team, and support staff who are planning and implementing behavior interventions may use this Student Safety/Crisis Plan template to create an individualized safety/crisis plan.

This plan may be incorporated into the student action plan for Educational Wraparound or youth/action group plan for RENEW. The behavior assessment/intervention plan (BAIP) can also be supported with a safety/crisis plan. A plan can also be created to provide support to student and staff during the assessment phases of the FBA/BIP, RENEW, or wraparound.

Creating Crisis/Safety Plans is a PowerPoint that reviews the suggested procedures. Please feel free to use it for professional development.

  University of New Hampshire RENEW Resources
  MPS Examples

MPS Student Interview on RENEW (WCLL, 2015)

MPS Student Speaking at RENEW Training (JamesJaylee / James and Jaylee taking questions)

MPS Student Interview on RENEW (Washington High School, 2013)

  Graphic Facilitation Resources
  Summer Resources

Tier 3 Support Contacts


Jane Audette

School Social Worker

Phone: 414-475-8117



Shashina Robinson

School Psychologist

Phone: 414-475-8118



Angie Lucas Foley

School Psychologist

Phone: 414-475-8118



Director of the Department of Research, Assessment, and Data:

Dr. Melanie Stewart
Phone: 414-475-8751


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