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Professional Development

For any initiative to be successful, a plan must be created that addresses the professional development needs of staff along with how to provide ongoing support so that what is learned becomes automatic for staff who are implementing the ideas. The district’s professional development plan is directly related to the district’s school improvement goals to reduce redundancies and conflicting messages as well as to provide an efficient way of training staff. The goal is to connect the professional development efforts across the district to improve student outcomes.

Please use any of the provided resources to enhance your understanding and implementation of PBIS for yourself, or take back to your school to share with your staff. Resources have been provided by MPS Central Office staff and best practices from individual school buildings. Feel free to use and adjust to fit your needs.

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  Infinite Campus for PBIS and SLD Referral
  Teacher Behavior Lessons

These are lessons that can be conducted for 10 minutes at a staff meeting to have all staff members engage in a lesson around a PBIS best practice.


Classroom Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement Ideas (start on page 5)

Classroom Expectations Matrix

Youtube video

Classroom Procedures

Entering and Exiting the Classroom

Getting into Groups



  School Level Professional Development
  NEW Team Member Training
  SST Training October 15th 2014
  RtI Framework Training (July/August 2014)
  Culturally Responsive Lens Data
  Building Intervention Team Training March- May 2014
  FBA/ BIP Training January, 2014
  Instructional Coaches PD November 22, 2013
  PBIS Tier 2 New Team Member Training November 2013
  PBIS Tier 1 New Team Member Training October 2013
  HS SAIG Training August 29th, 2013
  New Teachers Institute August 22nd and 23rd

Thursday August 22nd- Academic and Behavior Engagement

Friday August 23rd- What is PBIS?

  S3 Conference- Tier 2 in MPS- July 2013


Director of the Department of Research, Assessment, and Data:

Dr. Melanie Stewart
Phone: 414-475-8751


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