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RtI Academics & PBIS

Response to Intervention (RtI) is an organizational framework that guides implementation of a multi-level system of support to achieve academic and behavioral success for all. The RtI framework includes three essential elements:

  • High-quality instruction (in academics and behavior)
  • Balanced assessment
  • Collaboration

RtI is implemented at all MPS schools in literacy and mathematics for academics and PBIS for behavior (with attendance as a responsible behavior) using the MPS RtI process.

Schools are encouraged to stay up-to-date with best practices and success stories across the district from various schools and their RtI/PBIS framework implementation.

These three essential elements, embedded with culturally responsive practices and family engagement, both supported by leadership and organizational/team structures, interact within a multi-level system of support.

Multi-Level System of Support 

This system is the practice of systematically and systemically providing differing levels of intensity of support based on student responsiveness to instruction and intervention in academics and behavior. All students are supported through this structure of supports and instruction. Within MPS schools, the multi-level system of support is a three-tiered structure of support designed to maximize student achievement in the general education setting.

Tier 1:  Universal core curriculum instruction and practices ALL students receive All School Assembly

At any given time, 80% or more of students should demonstrate sufficient progress through core instruction and/or practices. Classroom teachers provide Tier 1 (core content) instruction in both academics and behavior. Parents and community partners participate on various school and district committees and receive training in content areas.

Tier 2:  Intervention coupled with ongoing progress monitoring provided to students needing additional support or challenge in academics and behaviors

Tier 2 academic interventions are provided in addition to core instruction. Academic interventions are provided by classroom teachers. Tier 2 behavioral (PBIS) interventions are typically provided by teachers and school support staff including school psychologists, school social workers, and school counselors. 

Tier 2 support capacity is approximately 5-15% of the student population for whom Tier 1 services are not sufficient. Parents and community partners receive training on tiered interventions and participate in various support groups.

Tier 3:  Intense interventions, replacement or additional curriculum, and/or instructional and behavioral strategies provided to students requiring an individualized plan of action

Students and school engineer at Craig MontessoriTier 3 interventions support students whose performance is well above or well below the district benchmark decision point on universal screener(s) and validated through stage two screening or those whose Tier 2 progress monitoring data supports the need for Tier 3.

Tier 3 service capacity is no more than 5% of student population. Tier 3 interventions are typically managed by the Building Intervention Team. Parents — and when appropriate, community partners — participate in developing plans at the individual student level.


A Framework of Support

RtI/PBIS are frameworks that provide the structure and system for other initiatives, programs, and tools to be implemented within a school. The MPS initiatives of social-emotional learning, restorative practices, trauma-sensitive schools, mental health, gifted and talented, and culturally responsive teaching are all supported within this framework.


Director of the Department of Research, Assessment, and Data:

Dr. Melanie Stewart
Phone: 414-475-8751


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