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School Engagement Council

Purpose of School Engagement Councils

A place at every school that brings together families, staff, students (when appropriate), and community to work to support and inform shared leadership, equity, and cultural relevance resulting in increased student achievement. 

Responsibilities of School Engagement Councils

  • Serve as a representative advisory group to the school leader to ensure a collective vision for the school and for strategies to support student achievement and school improvement.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of school improvement plans. 
  • Discuss and review the success of school improvement strategies. 
  • Provide voice for families, community, students and staff on major school decisions and how best to be involved and support student achievement. 
  • Discuss use of resources and budget priorities resulting in the submission of a budget signature page. 
  • Work with the school leader to develop, conduct and report the results of an annual survey of parents, guardians, and teachers on issues related to school climate, culture and conditions. 


Membership to School Engagement Councils

Councils must have a minimum of 11 members, unless a school does not have middle school grades, in which case a nine member minimum must be maintained. This number includes the school leader and parent coordinator; and must be made up of 51% family and community representatives with at least 3 family members. Councils may be larger as long as the 51% family and community representative ratio is maintained. 


School Engagement Council Meetings

Councils must have at least seven meetings during the school year - September, October, November, January, February, March, and April - though more may be scheduled at the request of the Council or school leader. 

Council meetings are subject to open meeting rules and anyone, regardless of membership, must be welcome to attend. 



Membership Sheets Due 10/31/19

Monthly Agendas and Minutes Reporting


For information about a specific School Engagement Council:
Contact that school's parent coordinator or school leader

For general questions or support:

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