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MPS Family Spotlights

Milwaukee Public Schools welcomes the opportunity to shine a spotlight on an outstanding family! If you know a proud MPS family member that deserves recognition for their dedication and hard work please submit nomination below. If your story is selected you and the family member will be contacted prior to it being posted on the MPS website. 

Family Spotlight Nomination Form

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Who are you nominating (family member name)*? 

What is your relationship to this person*? 

What school(s) is this family member connected to*? 

Why does this family member deserve a MPS Family Spotlight? Tell their story! *

Does this family member know that you are nominating them? Yes  No

If your story is selected for a MPS Family Spotlight you will receive an email notification and be asked to submit a photo of the family member. 


Family and Community Engagement Specialist

Darryl Hall

Phone: 414-475-8285

Customer Service Phone: 414-475-8204

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