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Special Education Liaisons for Families

Special Education Liaison for Families(SELF) Program

The Department of Strategic Partnerships & Customer Service is looking for family members interested in sharing their time and talents to assist with increasing family involvement opportunities.


  1. Parent or guardian of a child with a disability who is currently in school
  2. A willingness to receive special education and disability information training
  3. Has a desire to serve as a resource and contact for other families with children receiving special education services
  4. Desires to build positive relationships between schools and families


  1. Attend local trainings and meetings (up to 20 hours).
  2. Distribute information to families and school staff.
  3. Act as a resource to other families and staff in MPS schools.
  4. Plan activities and meetings for families and educators regarding special education and family engagement.
  5. Help encourage better communication and partnership building between families and school staff.
  6. Work with school administration to find ways to increase family engagement.

This opportunity is open to all families and is ideal for those wanting to work toward positive change.  If you’re a “people person” who would like to help others learn how to navigate the special education and disability world, then this is for you!

For more information: 

Contact Monica Lopez, Family Engagement Associate, at 414-333-1070 or



Register for the SELF Program

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Please list the first and last name of your child(ren) and the school(s) they attend:*

Do you speak a language other than English:* Yes    No

          If yes, what language:

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Are you able to attend both trainings on Saturday, October 5th and October 19th from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.mYes     No

Are you willing to complete a MPS volunteer background check (if you haven't previously completed)?*  Yes     No

Do you have access to a reliable phone?*  Yes      No

Do you have any additional questions at this time? 

* all responses are required

The SELF program is a partnership between the Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative (WSPEI) and Milwaukee Public Schools. 


Family & Community Engagement Associate
Monica Lopez
Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

Phone: 414-333-1070


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