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Family Empowerment Partners

Milwaukee Public Schools is increasing its efforts to engage families to be equal partners in student achievement and school improvement. Part of these efforts include providing workshops and training on a variety of topics including - but not limited to - academic supports, healthcare options, personal growth, financial literacy and group exercise.

Parent Coordinators at individual schools work to coordinate engaging events for families on a monthly basis. Having support from the community for these events helps us to show our families that we are all in this together. If your business or organization has expertise in a topic and a desire to share with MPS families please complete the form below to be included in our programming menu for family events.

All Partnerships for Families must be free of cost to the district and family participants. If your program has a cost, please see the links at the right for more options.

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More Partnership Opportunities


Family & Community Engagement Specialist
Darryl Hall
Department of Strategic Partnerships and Customer Service

Phone: 414-777-7873

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